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cta4000s@Roscoe.jpg (121k)
Two Ravenswood trains -- an "A" train heading toward downtown on the left and a "B" train heading to Kimball on the right -- pass each other at Roscoe, just north of where the Ravenswood branch leaves the main line, in 1963. Center-door 4000s like these provided most of the service on the branch at this time. (Photo by Jim Northcutt, from the Illinois Railway Museum Collection, courtesy of Peter Vesic)

cta4422.jpg (110k)
Car 4422 is the the middle of a North-South express train bound for Howard Street, stopped at the University station on the Jackson Park branch, probably circa 1940. 4422 is part of a mixed consist, with other steel 4000s (as seen on the left) and an 1100-series ex-Northwestern wood trailer (on the right). Following a series of disastrous accidents involving a mix of wood and steel cars, the practice of mixed consists was discontinued. (Photo by Sidney Silleck, Jr, from the Michael Leighton Collection)

cta4271-72@rodeo03.jpg (127k)
Operating on the occasion of the 2003 Rail Rodeo, Historic Cars 4271-72 pass around Oakton Curve on the Yellow Line on July 12 2003. The cars made five trips in the morning and early afternoon between Skokie Shops and Howard, and the final two trips were made "under the wire" between Skokie and Dempster station. (Screenshot from video by David Harrison)

cta4315.jpg (80k)
Cincinnati-built car 4315 is leading a two-car westbound Lake "B" train as it passes Hamlin Yard on its way to Harlem in April 1964. The pole-equipped 4000-series cars were once necessary on Lake because of the ground-level section of the line, but were made superfluous just a few years later when the section through Oak Park was elevated. Shortly after this photo, these cars were reassigned to the Evanston (where overhead as still used) and Ravenswood lines as new 2000s were assigned to Lake. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

cta4410c.jpg (92k)
A four-car train of "Plushie" 4000s -- an Evanston mainstay for the last 15 years or so of the cars' lives -- led by car 4410 approach Clark & Lake on their way around the Loop before heading back to Evanston on June 8, 1964. The train is operating counterclockwise on the Outer Loop here, the opposite of how it operates today. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

cta4000s@HamlinYard.jpg (164k)
A six-car train of Plushie 4000s is along side the Carhouse in Hamlin Yard during a fantrip in June 1968. At this point, the yard and shop had been closed for about a year, but rather than demolishing the facilities the CTA chose to simply make them dormant. For many years, fantrips often went into the street-level yard. (Photo by Leon Kay)

cta4000s@howard.jpg (148k)
After the above June 1968 fantrip, the six-car train of Plushie 4000s unloads at Howard while a 1-50 on the Evanston Shuttle unloads after a run from Linden. Note the railfans on the right taking photos. The transite barriers divide the platforms into different paid and unpaid areas at a time when the North-South and shuttle trains had differential fares. (Photo by Leon Kay)

cta4427@Wilson.jpg (200k)
As they make their way around the system during the June 1968 fantrip, car 4427 leads a train of Plushie 4000s heading south through Wilson on Track 1, the former lead to the Buena Interchange Yard. Note that the wire over Track 1 -- formerly used by electric locomotives hauling freight -- is still active and the pole on 4427 is up. (Photo by Leon Kay)

cta4000s@randolph-wabash.jpg (164k)
A train of amputee Plushie 4000s -- that is, they have had their poles removed for service on the all-third rail Ravenswood route -- pulls into Randolph/Wabash in September 1968. This view of a Ravenswood "A" train is during rush hour, as Ravenswood trains ran on the Inner Loop at all other times of the day. (Photo by Leon Kay)

ctaS-358c.jpg (135k)
Work motor S-358, formerly Plushie 4000 car 4430, is in Lower 63rd Yard between runs in June 1968. The car was converted to a work motor two and a half years before in December 1965 and in winter was often equipped with a plow to act as a snowfighter. (Photo by Leon Kay)