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Service Notes:

Hours of Operation: 4:30am-1:20am, Mon-Fri; 5:30am-2:20am, Sat; 6:30am-1:45am, Sun
Length of Route: 3.9 miles
Number of Stations: 9 stations
Car Types Assigned: 5000-series
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Brief Description:

The Purple Line, or "Evanston Line" was it was known before the CTA's adoption of color-coded line names in 1993, is the suburban portion of an approximately 8-mile extension of the Northwestern Elevated Railroad that was opened in 1908-12. Before the use of Howard station on the Chicago-Evanston city limits as a terminal, this entire extension was operated as one, unified branch through both cities. Today, however, the north 4 miles or so of this extension -- the part in suburban Evanston and Wilmette -- is operated as its own route, with the southern portion integrated into the Howard portion of the Red Line.

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