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cta4000s1962.jpg (66k)
The Lake Street Line ran adjacent to the North Western tracks at grade level until October 1962 when the CTA, Oak Park, Chicago and government agencies shard the cost of elevation. This 4000-series car bears the identification of a Lake "A" train. (Photo from the George Krambles Collection)

cta4000s1973.jpg (59k)
This 4000-series car is still running off overhead trolley wire on the Evanston Line on November 6, 1973. When the Evanston Line was converted to third rail soon after, the 4000-series cars were phased out. The last 4000-series car ran on this line just one day later. (Photo by Art Peterson)

cta4271-72_1980.jpg (44k)
In mid-1972, cars 4271-4272 became the last 4000-series cars to be overhauled. Chosen to become a "historic train", car 4271-72, seen here, was given a historic paint job and a cab signal system, the only 4000-series car to have such a system. (Photo by Art Peterson)

cta4253.jpg (37k)
Cincinnati-built 4253 heads an eight-car consist which had been posed on the 63rd Street center track at University Avenue for the company photographer. Although the run board (destination sign in the front right window) infers service to Dempster Street Skokie, passengers had to transfer to the regular shuttle car to Niles Center at Howard. (Photo from the Bruce Moffat Collection)

cta4271-72_1997.jpg (27k)
The Loop in the 1940s? Nope. This classic 4000-series car was pulled from storage, refurbished, restored and put into service October 12, 1997 to commemorate the Loop's 100th anniversary. Free rides were given to onlookers and history buffs alike as the trains circled the Loop. (Photo from Chicago Sun-Times)

ctaS-360.jpg (98k)
In later years, many 4000-series cars were converted to work cars. Seen here is Baldie work motor S-360 MUed with S-359 and a weed sprayer in 1974 on the Congress Line. (Photo by Leon Kay)

Shhhicago.jpg (398k)
Car 4358 emerged in June, 1972 as work car S-1 "Shhhicago", a rail grinding car. Painted in a distinctive red scheme, S-1 provided for the first time the capability to conduct rail grinding operations at speed thus allowing the car to operate at any time of the day without interfering with regular operations. (Photo by Walter R. Keevil)

Shhhicago2.jpg (118k)
On May 27, 1976, S-1 emerged from Skokie Shops re-equipped to work with 6000-series cars, relivered in the Bicentennial paint scheme, and paired with S-2, formally weed killer S-108. (Photo from the CTA)

cta4146.jpg (30k)
Baldie car 4146 sits in primer prior to repainting in 1974. (Photo by Leon Kay)

cta4146b.jpg (46k)
Car 4146, which is now preserved at Union, is stored cars at Skokie Shops in this 1968 view. (Photo by Leon Kay)