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cta4436.jpg (189k)
4000-series car 4436 is seen here preserved at the Connecticut Trolley Museum in Warehouse Point, Connecticut on July 30, 2000. (Photo by Frank Hicks)

ctaS-1.jpg (32k)
Work car S-1, a rail grinding train, was originally 4000-series car 4358. The car was "demotored" and converted in June 1972 and in 1976 was equipped to operate with 6000-series work motors (as it is paired with 6159 here) and paired with S-2 (seen to the left), a former weed killing car. (Photo by James Raymond)

cta4400.jpg (72k)
Cincinnati-built car 4400 is part of a two-car Lake "B" train at Madison & Wells station on the Inner Loop in May, 1964. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

FRTM@Blackhawk01.jpg (190k)
Car 4451 is at the high level platform at Blackhawk Forest Preserve at the Fox River Trolley Museum on June 9, 2002, the first day of operations for the new extension. The shelter based on that formally at Coleman Grove is on the left. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

FRTM@Blackhawk02.jpg (168k)
4000-series car 4451 is berthed at the new high level platform at Blackhawk, with its poles repositioned for the return trip back to the Fox River Trolley Museum at Castlemuir. Note the reproduction old-style station name sign on the platform. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta4271-72@rodeo02a.jpg (70k)
CTA Historic Cars 4271-4272 head west through Evanston in the open-cut portion of the Yellow Line on the final trip for the 2002 Third Rail Round-Up on July 13, 2002 to tie up a day's fan trip operation at the Skokie Shops. (Photo by David Harrison)

cta4271-72@rodeo02b.jpg (79k)
The CTA's Historic Cars travel along the Skokie Swift on July 13, 2002. With the authority's planned conversion of the Yellow Line from overhead to third rail, this scene may become impossible in the next couple years. (Photo by David Harrison)

cta4271-72@rodeo02c.jpg (86k)
The final railfan trip of the day for the 2002 Third Rail Round-Up on July 13, 2002 went from Skokie Shops to Dempster to Howard and return to the Shops where the train was "laid up". Or in the words of CTA Rail Operations General Manager John Blum, where "it sleeps." (Photo by David Harrison)

cta4271-72@rodeo02d.jpg (64k)
CTA Historic Cars 4271-4272 -- seen here at Skokie Shops for the 2002 Third Rail Round-Up on July 13, 2002 -- treated none other than the city's mayor himself, Richard M. Daley, to a ride during opening ceremonies of the Green Line's Conservatory station a year ago before. (Photo by David Harrison)

cta4271-72@rodeo02e.jpg (53k)
2002 Third Rail Rodeo guests and participants, along with their families, could take a rail fan trip between Skokie Shops and Howard and experience "Roaring Twenties" technology including incandescent bulbs, porcelain strap hangers, a communication cord, and open windows on July 13, 2002. (Photo by David Harrison)