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SubwayOpening01.jpg (119k)
When the State Street Subway opened in October 1943, a train of 4000-series cars served as the official first train, with a City of Chicago seal mounted over the front end door. This train, however, is from a "ceremonial" opening that took place in April 1943 for Mayor Kelly's reelection campaign. The train is being posed without people, except for the fellow in the right window, in the sparkling new subway. A near-identical train was used for the official opening the following October. (Photo from the Chicago Transit Authority Collection)

cta4043.jpg (185k)
Although a couple center door Baldie motor cars remain in existence, car 4043 is believed to be the last remaining center door trailer left. The car, seen here on January 19, 2004 at the Northern Ohio Railway Museum in Chippewa Lake, Ohio, has not been maintained and the museum has more or less written it off, deaccessioning it and putting it up for sale to any interested parties. Note that the paint has deteriorated so that you can read the original "RAPID TRANSIT" lettering on the letterboard. (Photo by Frank Hicks)

ctaS-374.jpg (141k)
The Northern Ohio Railway Museum's other 4000-series car, S-374, is not in much better shape. The car, which began life as car 4423 and was converted to a work car by CTA in 1972, is slated to be scrapped for parts. The trucks, air & control equipment is to be used to restore Lake Shore Electric car 42. This view of the car is on January 19, 2004. (Photo by Frank Hicks)

ctaS-347b.jpg (80k)
4000-series work car S-347 is seen in the yard at Skokie Shops in November, 1965 shortly after being converted from passenger unit 4323. Outwardly, the car has barely been changed at all from its days in revenue service, save for the service number painted under the CTA logo on the carside. (Photo by Jerry Applemen)

ctaS-349.jpg (86k)
Converted for work service in December 1965 from car 4318, S-349 is leading a work train passing Berwyn on the North Side Main Line in April 1967. Like most of the Plushie's converted to work service in the mid-1960s, S-349 was given sealed-beam marker lights, blocked-out windows, and a yellow paint job. At one time equipped with a snow plow, S-349 only saw a few years of work service, being retired in December 1972. (Photo by Jerry Applemen)

cta4000s08.jpg (92k)
After completing its circuit around the Loop and passing through Tower 18, a two-car train of 4000-series Plushie cars heads westbound on a Lake Street "A" run toward Harlem in April 1964. Note that Tower 18 is in the middle of the junction and the track on the right -- the eastbound Lake Street track, dead ends after the switch to the Outer Loop. Five years later, this track would be extended through to allow through-service over Lake Street onto the Inner Loop for Lake-Dan Ryan service. (Photo by Jerry Applemen)

cta4410cab.jpg (153k)
This view shows the motorman's cab of car 4410, as seen from outside the car. Controls were located in the front right corner of the vestibules at each end of the car next to a side door. A door could be swung in front of the controls, closing them off when not in use. Among the equipment in the cab as the Westinghouse control stand (left) and air brake stand (right). In this cab, the motorman has left his wood-gripped brake handle in the stand and has the control stand in the forward position. (Photo by Gerald Widemark)

cta4000s09.jpg (139k)
A four-car train of 4000s are arriving at Main Street on a southbound Evanston Shuttle run on the morning of March 8, 1973. The cars would be unneeded for revenue service within months when the Evanston Line was converted from overhead power to third rail. (Photo by J. Terrell Colson)

cta4000s10.jpg (144k)
As the 4000s were nearing the end of their service lives, many railfans wanted to enjoy the cars while they were still active on the property. A train of 4000s are seen on the turnback track at Dempster at the end of the Skokie Swift on March 20, 1973 on one of many fantrips that were run in the cars' final months, this one sponsored by CERA. (Photo by J. Terrell Colson)

cta4325b.jpg (194k)
The North Side Main Line and Evanston branch had several sidings to accommodate the handling of freight by the "L" along these lines. Some sidings directly serviced specific businesses, while others were simply points for off-loading of less-than-carload freight to trucks. Here, a train of 4000-series cars, led by 4235, is on the South Boulevard team track in south Evanston on a March 27, 1973 fantrip. (Photo by Art Peterson, from the Joe Testagrose collection)