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cta4175.jpg (47k)
Chicago Transit Authority 4175 on six car Douglas-Milwaukee "B" train crosses 49th. Avenue in Cicero, Illinois on May, 1964. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

cta4215.jpg (28k)
The number is nearly illegible, the best I can make it out is 4215; it and other 4000-series cars are stored at Skokie Shops, seen on a 1968 fan trip. (Photo by Leon Kay)

cta4454.jpg (30k)
Plushies at Jackson station on the North-South Route in 1968. They were on a fan trip and the photo is of the rear of the southbound train. (Photo by Leon Kay)

cta4000sRaveA.jpg (54k)
A 4000-series Ravenswood "A" train loads rush hour passengers in the Loop. (Photo by Joe Testagrose)

cta4000sRaveB.jpg (49k)
A Ravenswood "B" trains rounds a curve on the Ravenswood Line. (Photo by Jerry Appleman )

cta4250s.jpg (55k)
A shot of 4000-series Plushies northbound at Isabella in December, 1972. (Photo by Leon Kay)

cta4290irm.jpg (79k)
This is an interior shot of recently restored 4290, a 4000-series car, in June of 1999 at the Illinois Railway Museum. The plush seats, glass lampshades, and porcelain handholds are typical of the "plushie" 4000s. Note the campaign poster for Richard M. Daley's first mayoral run on the back wall to the left of the doorway. (Photo by Edward Zabelny)

cta4337.jpg (45k)
Car 4337 (on the left), a 1922 Cincinnati Car Company product, is seen heading westbound on the Lake "A" run passing cars stored on the center (former express) track at Pulaski Road in April 1964. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

histcars.jpg (75k)
South Side car 1 and 4000-series cars 4271-4272, the CTA's two sets of historic cars, are at the Quincy/Wells station in October of 1997 for the 100th anniversary of the Loop. (Photo by Jay Affleck)

cta4103.jpg (181k)
Car 4103 is at the Fox River Trolley Museum on April 30, 2000. This car is used at FRTM just as the CTA retired it in 1985: a parts storage car. The unit is interesting, however, in that it is one of the original "baldie" 4000s, complete with center door. (Photo by Eric Zabelny)