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cta4271-72@rodeo02f.jpg (52k)
Almost a half dozen trips were made from Skokie Shops to Howard and return, allowing 2002 Rail Rodeo participants and their families an alternate way to get to the festivities. "L" rail fans who got the word took advantage to get one more ride aboard transit historical heritage on July 13, 2002. (Photo by David Harrison)

cta4453f.jpg (62k)
Chicago Elevated cars 4453 and 4420 pose at Cemetery Curve during a photo shoot in May of 2002 at East Troy. (Photos from the Eric Zabelny Collection)

cta45_4453.jpg (48k)
Chicago Elevated cars 4420 and 4453 fly by PCC cars 35 and 45 on a cool night in May of 2002 at the East Troy Railroad Museum. (Photos from the Eric Zabelny Collection)

crt4138.jpg (71k)
Car 4138, in its orange and brown livery, stops at Western while leading a Ravenswood local in the 1940s. (Photo from the Jeff Obarek Collection)

crt4293.jpg (97k)
Car 4293, in its orange and green paint scheme, is at the rear of a Jackson Park train stopping at University. The flags on the side of the train near the end doors indicate this is a holiday (flying flags on such days was a CRT practice since circa 1929). (Photo from the Jeff Obarek Collection)

crt4081.jpg (82k)
4000-series motor car 4081, part of the original order with its smooth roof and center door, sits alone in a yard between runs. The white "S" to the right of the center door indicates that smoking is permitted in this car. (Photo from the Jeff Obarek Collection)

crt4091.jpg (81k)
Car 4091 brings up the rear of a northbound subway train at Fullerton in this undated photo. The white stripes on the car's anticlimber aided switchmen in knowing what cars could be made up with others, as this was a period of considerable change in the 4000s. All the cars in this train have received the remote door control (RDC) modifications, as evidenced by the door indicator lamps on the letterboards. With these mods, the cars were effectively made single-ended, as the electrical modifications were not made to the number two end cabs. Yet to be done is the installation of the permanent headlight and marker lights, among other visible changes. The 4091, a 1914 Cincinnati product, was retired in August of 1964. (Photo from the Jeff Obarek Collection)

crt4134.jpg (76k)
Albert F. Scholz, Chief Photographer for the Insull Properties, took this photo of the 4134 in the Laramie Yard on March 16, 1927, one of eight cars he photographed during that assignment. He was responsible for photographing, cars, physical plant and personnel on the company's lines in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. Scholz had begun working as an elevated lines Claims Department photographer in 1905. In 1940 he sold his business, Logan Square Studios, to Wilbourne Cox and George Krambles, who preserved many of his negatives. (Photo by Albert F. Scholz, from the Jeff Obarek Collection)

crt4146.jpg (75k)
Car 4146 leads a Ravenswood-Englewood train through Webster station in this undated view. 4146 was one of a number of "Baldie" motors that was stored at Skokie Shops after most of the other cars of this class had been retired and scrapped. In 1972, the car was sold to the Illinois Railway Museum, where it remains today. (Photo from the Jeff Obarek Collection)

crt4166.jpg (79k)
A two-car Ravenswood train, trailed by the 4166, is shown northbound at Irving Park station in this undated view. The white stripe on the anticlimber indicates the car has been equipped with a coasting clock which measured time spent in power vs. coasting. This depression-era addition to the cars was made to encourage economical operation. (Photo from the Jeff Obarek Collection)


(Thanks to Art Peterson for writing the last four captions!)