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cta4290.jpg (113k)
One of several of the Illinois Railway Museum's preserved 4000-series units, car 4290 is seen here on May 28, 2001 in the typical green and cream paint scheme the 4000s last received, in the 1950s-70s. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta4272e.jpg (94k)
Brought out from storage for the special occasion of the opening of Conservatory station, CTA Historic Car 4272 is seen here at that reconstructed historic station on June 30, 2001. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta4451b.jpg (100k)
One of the museum's most used cars, car 4451 is seen between runs with its poles down on the main line at the Fox River Trolley Museum on July 7, 2001. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta4453d.jpg (204k)
Car 4453 has been restored to its original CRT livery of green, orange, and salmon by the East Troy Electric Railroad Museum, seen here operating at the museum in Summer 2001. (Photo by John Reddington)

cta4453e.jpg (120k)
The interior of car 4453 at the East Troy Electric Railroad Museum in Summer 2001, showing the characteristic arched doorway between the passenger cabin and end vestibule, car end door, and motorman's control on the right in front of the window. (Photo by John Reddington)

cta4420a.jpg (164k)
Car 4420, coupled to sister car 4453 (off-frame left), loads passengers at a high-level platform at the East Troy Electric Railroad Museum in Summer 2001. (Photo by John Reddington)

cta4420b.jpg (176k)
The second group of 4000-series cars -- the "Plushies" -- certainly earned their nickname, with wood moldings, glass lampshades, and comfortable stuffed seats with plush fabric coverings, seen here in the interior of car 4420 at the East Troy Electric Railroad Museum in Summer 2001. (Photo by John Reddington)

cta4244.jpg (50k)
4000-series car 4244, built by the Cincinnati Car Company in 1915, is in the yard at Kimball Avenue in November, 1963 after completing a Ravenswood "A" run. Car 4244 is an original version 4000, which had center doors. However, the car has had the center door filled in, so that it presents a smooth side appearance, albeit with odd window spacing where the door used to be. This work was done in the CTA era, along with a number of other improvements to the 4067-series cars. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

cta4000s@subway.jpg (22k)
This is one of many postcards issued in the mid-1940s to celebrate and promote the opening of Chicago's first subway. Many featured artists' renderings, but some like this one featured actual photos. Note the abundance of uniformed personnel on the train, as well as at least one on the platform, in this posed photo showing the gleaming new platform. (Postcard from the Graham Garfield Collection)

cta4175b.jpg (132k)
Car 4175 is one of only four "Baldy" 4000s surviving, and is currently stored at the Connecticut Trolley Museum in Warehouse Point, Connecticut, seen here with its yellow exterior from its days as work car S-360 in poor condition on July 30, 2000. Visible beyond car 4175 is North Shore car 162. (Photo by Frank Hicks)