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cta4215b.jpg (50k)
With the arrival of the 2000s, the Baldie 4000s were retired quickly. Most were scrapped in 1964 and '65, but a few stuck around for a while. Although car 4215 did not formally become a work motor (i.e. it was not assigned an "S" car number), it was used in nonrevenue service for a few years. In this May 1969 view, it's south of the Loop over Wabash Avenue hauling a flat car as part of the preparation for return of this line to revenue service when the Dan Ryan line opened later in the year. Car 4215 was retired the next year, in 1970. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

cta4414int.jpg (49k)
The interior of car 4414 is seen on a southbound Evanston Express train during the afternoon rush hour in November 1963. The car's interior paint pattern is the scheme the cars would be retired in. The seats are also still upholstered in their original, signature green and yellow fabric, providing the namesake for the cars' "Plushie" nickname. In later years, the CTA reupholstered the cars' seats in more durable brown naugahyde. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

cta4269.jpg (50k)
Car 4269 is leading a four car CERA fantrip, under former North Shore Line catenary on the Skokie Swift at Kostner Avenue on June 26, 1966. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

cta4000s11.jpg (50k)
Shortly before their retirement, a center door-equipped "Baldie" 4000-series car leads a six-car train of like-equipment on an eastbound Douglas-Milwaukee "B" train at Clinton/Congress station in February 1964. The arrival of the 2000-series cars and the assignment of 40 of them to the West-Northwest Route allowed for the retirement of these cars. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

cta6000s_4000s.jpg (50k)
Two generations of "L" equipment meet as they pass each other on the Wells Street Bridge. A four-car train of Plushie 4000-series cars are approaching Merchandise Mart station on a northbound Evanston Express run as a train of flat-door 6000-series cars on a southbound Ravenswood "B" run head toward the Loop in April 1965. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

crt4000s@Wacker.jpg (124k)
A northbound train of Baldie 4000-series cars passes above as a 2700-series Chicago Surface Lines streetcar passes underneath at Wacker and Wells looking north with the Merchandise Mart in background. (Photo from CTA Collection)

cta4304.jpg (92k)
4000-series car 4304, a 1922 Cincinnati Car product, is leading a two-car Lake "A" train at Madison & Wells in May 1964. The train is running on the Inner Loop, but by today's operations would appear to be going to "wrong way" (e.g. it is operating "left-handed", against traffic). This is because beginning in 1913, the Loop began operating "uni-directionally", that is all trains went in the same direction (counterclockwise) on both tracks. Five years after this photo, the Loop returned to bi-directional right-hand running. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

cta2011_4145_3146@HamlinYd.jpg (127k)
Three generations of "L" equipment -- from right to left, in order of age, a wood car, a 4000-series car, and a High-Performance Family car -- are lined up at Hamlin Yard in 1964. The three also all ran on the Lake Street Line, the location of Hamlin Yard, at one time or another. At left, Pullman-Standard car 2011 represented a state of the art railcar at the time of the photo. Car 4145, at center, represented the steel cars that had served the line since 1915. At right, car 3146, by then in work service, dated from the earliest days of the Lake Street Elevated Railroad and had served the route from 1893 to 1954. (Photo from the CTA Collection)

skokieshops10.jpg (109k)
A decommissioned wooden car, probably a former Northwestern Elevated unit, and a handful of 4000-series cars are seen in Skokie Yard in 1966. (Photo by Miles Beitler)

howard05.jpg (126k)
The east side of Howard Yard is seen looking southeast from Juneway Terrance in 1965. Parked in the yard are several 4000-series cars, with a 6000-series car on the turning loop/yard lead. With the expansion of Howard Yard in the early 1990s, the apartments on the left side of the alley are now gone and this view would be looking directly at the Howard Shops building. (Photo by Miles Beitler)