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cta4272-Linden100th04.jpg (219k)
The vintage charms of the CTA's historic cars are on display in this view of the interior of car 4272. on display for the 100th anniversary of "L" service to Wilmette on April 28, 2012, including the wood moldings and details, walk-over seats, glass shades on the lights, porcelain hand-holds for standees visible in the background, and a display of reproduction vintage ads and historic displays throughout the car. (Photo by Tony Coppoletta)

cta4271l.jpg (214k)
While on a training and "exercise" trip as part of being moved from Linden Shop to Skokie Shop, historic car 4271 pauses at Wilson on Track 1 on April 14, 2013. In addition to the roof-mounted sealed-beam headlight added in the 1950s, the car has been outfitted with a door-mounted headlight for the trip, a more historically-accurate outfitting as this is how the car would have illuminated its path at night or low-visiblity weather originally, before the sealed-beam headlight was installed. An Evanston service destination sign has been hung on the front hooks, a style of sign characteristic of the 4000s. (Photo by Mark Wolodarsky)

cta4271m.jpg (264k)
On April 14, 2013, the CTA's historic 4000-series cars, 4271-72, were moved from Linden Shop to Skokie Shop for storage, because Linden Shop was being reactivated for maintenance use for the duration of the Red Line South Reconstruction Project, whose closure of the Dan Ryan branch would cut off access to 98th Shop. The cars were taken from Linden to Skokie "the long way around" via the Loop, to give the cars, which do not operate often, a chance to stretch their legs and keep the components exercised and in good working order. The 2-car train led by car 4271 is at LaSalle/Van Buren on the Loop. (Photo by Mark Wolodarsky)

cta4271n.jpg (233k)
4000-series car 4271 is at the Oakton-Skokie station on its way toward Dempster, getting a workout to exercise its components on its way to Skokie Shop after leaving Linden Shop, on April 14, 2013. (Photo by Mark Wolodarsky)

cta4272_5529.jpg (222k)
A comparison between nearly a century's difference in rapid transit car technology is presented when CTA historic 4000-series car 4272, built in 1923, sits next to new 5000-series car 5529 at Skokie Shop in September 15, 2014. Car 5529 was recently delivered and awaiting clearance to enter service. Car 4272, and its mate 4271, are being used for rides along the Yellow Line as part of CTA's Transit Jamboree, an event for employees formerly called the Rail Rodeo and involving displays and competitions in work skills, held at Skokie Shop. (Photo by Corey Ellison)