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cta2203.jpg (234k)
Cars 2203 (nearest to the camera) and 2204 are recently delivered from the Budd Company when they were at Skokie Shops in August 1969 undergoing inspection before being readied for service. The cars' clean, straight lines glisten in the midday sun. The ACI stripe has already been placed on the #2 door, which will allow the train to automatically set the route at Tower 12. (Photo by Walter R. Keevil)
cta2212a.jpg (189k)
A two-car Lake-Dan Ryan "B" train led by car 2211 speeds past 63rd Middle Track on October 25, 1969 on its way to 95th. The line is running two-cat trains because it is a Saturday. A little girl stands at the front window, getting an exciting look at the brand new "L" line. (Photo by Thomas H. Desnoyers, courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson Archive)
cta2219d.jpg (201k)
A two-car 2200-series train has just departed 63rd station and is about to pass 63rd Middle Track on the month-old Dan Ryan Line on its way to the Loop and Harlem on the Lake Street branch on October 25, 1969. The rapid transit line and its rolling stock still look brand new. The train is lightly loaded, owing to it being a Saturday. The Englewood branch of the North-South Route is visible overhead in the background. (Photo by Thomas H. Desnoyers, courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson Archive)
cta2246b.jpg (185k)
Winter has set in and the new Dan Ryan Line is covered with a light coating of snow as car 2246 leads a six-car train of 2200-series cars heading southbound approaching 63rd station on January 4, 1970. The rail enthusiasts taking the trip are crowded at the front of the car to get a good look at the new line from the motorman's perspective. (Photo by George Krambles, courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson Archive)
cta2249c.jpg (158k)
Don't be fooled by the Congress-Milwaukee "A" destination sign -- someone was probably just having some fun -- this six-car train of 2200s led by car 2249 is heading northbound on the Dan Ryan Line near 66th Street on January 4, 1970. The train is chartered, being used on a fantrip -- one giveaway is that January 4 was a Sunday, when two-car trains were the norm. (Photo by George Krambles, courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson Archive)
cta2255.jpg (212k)
The sleek, streamlined 2200-series railcars were used for the dedication trip of the new Kennedy Extension rapid transit line. Built by the Budd Company with aesthetics designed by the same architects who designed the stations -- Skidmore Owings & Merrill -- the six-car train led by car 2255 perfectly compliments the open, airy, modern Belmont station, seen looking down from mezzanine level on January 30, 1970. (CTA photo)
cta2256.jpg (167k)
The six-car dedication train, with car 2256 at the head end, has made it to the end of the new Kennedy Extension at Jefferson Park, seen looking southeast on January 30, 1970. The boxy shape of the 2200-series railcars was designed to match the similar aesthetics of the new stations and facilities. The large rear portion of the terminal building with smaller windows near the roofline, closest to the camera, was originally a trainroom and clerk's office for when the station was the end of the line. Today, it is a Training & Instruction office. (CTA photo)
cta2277.jpg (139k)
Heading to the Jefferson Park terminal, a six-car train of 2200-series railcars trailed by car 2277 wraps its way around the Addison station as part of the dedication activities for the new Kennedy Extension on January 30, 1970. The curved platform was not ideal but workable because conductors worked the doors on the train and were positioned in the center of the train where they visibility from the midpoint of the curve. (CTA photo)
cta2277b.jpg (171k)
The six-car dedication train, now with car 2277 at the head end, is at Jefferson Park waiting for its next departure as part of the opening ceremonies for the Kennedy Extension on January 30, 1970. The rectilinear glass-and-steel street-level station house above the tracks, with full-height windows and an open floor plan for maximum visibility, was typical of the Modernist stations designed for the Kennedy and Dan Ryan extensions; the 2200s were designed to have the same aesthetic philosophy. Note that the pedestrian bridge over the expressway connecting the station to the bus terminal, Milwaukee Avenue and the C&NW commuter station is open, with just a railing for protection. It was later enclosed with full-height windows. (CTA photo)
cta2269.jpg (231k)
A long train of eight 2200-series cars is rounding the curve at Marquette on the Dan Ryan Line on its way southbound toward 95th on April 4, 1970. The train is probably chartered or operating for a special event -- besides the "Not in service" destination signs and another sign taped to the front window, it is a Saturday and the in-service train of Pullman 2000-series cars the train has just passed is only two cars. (Photo by George Krambles, courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson Archive)