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cta2289.jpg (42k)
2200-series unit 2289-2290 sits in the Skokie Shops yard in June 1977, awaiting to be scrapped after the infamous crash that February at the Wabash/Lake curve in the Loop. (Photo by Peter Vesic)

cta2342.jpg (57k)
In the fall of 1979, a westbound Douglas-Milwaukee "B" train failed to stop at the Cicero crossing before the gates came down. Car 2342 hit a steel truck and derailed, stopping just short of the ticket agents booth! Flange marks can still be seen today at that location. The photo was taken in the 54th Avenue Yard on October 6, 1979. The car could not be run on the tracks to Skokie, so it was cut in half and shipped by truck instead. As of August 1999, 2341 was still sitting in the Skokie Shops yard. (Photo by Peter Vesic)

cta2267-2270.jpg (95k)
Two 2200-series "L" cars -- 2267 and 2270 -- are in the Skokie Shops repair facility in June of 1999. (Photo by Eric Zabelny)

cta2202.jpg (173k)
Cars 2201-2202 pose near the Skokie Shops. These cars had just been recently delivered in this 1969 photo. (Photo by unknown, contributed by Eric Zabelny)

cta2201a.jpg (86k)
The rear of this Forest Park-bound Blue Line train is brought up by car 2201 as it stops at Damen Avenue in June of 2000. At the time of the photo, car 2201 is 31 years old and is still reliable for everyday use. The car would eventually be retired in 2011 and scrapped in 2012. (Photo by Eric Zabelny)

cta2216int.jpg (94k)
The interior of car 2216 as seen in June of 2000. Note the full width cab that was added by CTA. (Photo by Eric Zabelny)

cta2219.jpg (83k)
Cars 2219-2220 pull into Damen/Milwaukee in June of 2000. Note that the hopper windows are open, indicating that the A/C is not working in that car. (Photo by Eric Zabelny)

cta2260.jpg (50k)
Car 2260 picks up the rear of a Blue Line train at UIC-Halsted in March 1999. All "L" trains carry double red marker lights in the rear; if it weren't for the interstate highway signs in the background, without the destination sign, it would be difficult if not impossible to determine the destination of this train... (Photo by Sean Gash)

cta2237.jpg (140k)
Car 2237 trails a 2-car West-South Route train at Randolph/Wabash on August 16, 1970. (Photo by Joe Testagrose)

cta2237b.jpg (153k)
A midday 2-car Lake-Dan Ryan All-Stop is led by car 2237, pulling into State/Lake on July 4, 1971. (Photo by Joe Testagrose)