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cta2241.jpg (128k)
On an Independence Day fantrip, car 2241 and a train of 2200-series cars allow fans to take a "flyby" photo across from the Laramie station in 1971. (Photo by Joe Testagrose)

cta2241c.jpg (113k)
On the same fantrip, 2241 leads a chartered train (note the "Not in Service" roll sign and the white-white marker reading) at Washington/State on July 4, 1971. Note the sign on the tunnel wall indicating the location of the train stop; berthing locations used to be a bit more staggered down the platform than they are today. (Photo by Joe Testagrose)

cta2243.jpg (125k)
Car 2243 leads a six-car Lake-Dan Ryan "B" train pulling into Adams/Wabash on August 19, 1970. (Photo by Joe Testagrose)

cta2246.jpg (136k)
A four-car midday northbound (somewhat dusty looking) Lake-Dan Ryan "B" train is trailed by car 2246 as it pulls into Madison/Wabash on April 11, 1977. Note the sticker over the motorman's window on the #1 end of the car: 2201-2350 received "Air Conditioned" decals beginning in 1973, at a time when most of the fleet was still without A/C. A few were on windows: ice blue letters on transparent background. Most, like the one pictured here, were above the cab window: pine (dark) green letters on a lime green background. (Photo by Ed McKernen, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta2249.jpg (147k)
Car 2249 leads a Lake-Dan Ryan All-Stop at State & Lake on July 4, 1971. Note the rather plain white metal sign below the agent's window that simply reads "State & Lake": these signs, which predated the CTA's symbol signs, were common on Loop station platforms. (Photo by Joe Testagrose)

cta2250.jpg (121k)
A 2200-series Congress-Milwaukee "A" train, led by car 2250, stops at U of I-Halsted on August 8, 1970. Note the 1950s station name sign on the platform partition and the exit signs on the Interstate in the background: the left sign for the Kennedy calls it I-94. At this time, the Eisenhower is I-90, not I-290. (I-90 would later follow I-94 north.) (Photo by Joe Testagrose)

cta2251.jpg (123k)
Car 2251 brings up the rear of a Lake-Dan Ryan All-Stop train stopping at Ashland/Lake on October 5, 1972. The classic Queen Anne station house still stands today. (Photo by Steve Zabel, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta2257.jpg (138k)
Heading northbound toward Harlem Terminal, a Lake-Dan Ryan "B" train trailed by car 2257 stops at Adams/Wabash in October 1972. (Photo by Steve Zabel, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta2265.jpg (115k)
A six-car Congress-Milwaukee "A" train led by car 2265 leaves the Jefferson Park Terminal on July 6, 1971. (Photo by Doug Grotjahn, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta2276.jpg (120k)
Car 2276 takes the lead on a two-car Douglas-Milwaukee All-Stop train picking up and dropping off passengers at California/Milwaukee on August 16, 1970. (Photo by Joe Testagrose)