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cta2352.jpg (205k)
Cars 2351-52 are unusual in having higher numbers than the last 2200-series car made, a result of subsequent renumbering. Car 2351 was originally numbered 2307 and re-paired after its mate (2308) was damaged in an accident at Addison/Kennedy in 1976; 2352 was renumbered from 2316 and paired with 2351 after 2315 was damaged in fire in Skokie Shops yard in 1977. Here, 2352 is at the temporary 54/Cermak terminal at Laramie in March 2002. (Photo by Robert Mencher)

cta2224.jpg (83k)
Car 2224 brings up the rear of a northbound Blue Line train at Clinton during a midday run on August 2, 2002, at a time of day when it is common to see 2200s at the front or rear of trains. (Photo by Andrew Stiffler)

Spiderman2-2200s01.jpg (176k)
Columbia Pictures did extensive shooting on location in Chicago for the Spiderman movie sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man. A 6-car train of 2200-series cars was made up as MTA subway cars for the filming, including (R) route logos, MTA logos, new destination signs, and new car numbers. This view is at Randolph/Wabash on November 16, 2002. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

Spiderman2-2200s02.jpg (167k)
For the filming of The Amazing Spider-Man, yellow X was taped on the side of one of the movie cars in the center of the train to act as a mark for the actors to look at as the train passed. One assumes that this is where the action will be added digitally in post-production. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

Spiderman2-2200s03.jpg (127k)
For their role as NYC subway car stand-ins in The Amazing Spider-Man, the 2200-series movie charter cars got MTA logos next to the doors and under the last window (with the words "New York City Subway") on the left side of the car side, plus new car numbers. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

logansquare13.jpg (186k)
2200-series car 2318 -- specially designed to match aesthetically with the Kennedy and Dan Ryan lines it was bought to serve -- pulls away from the rectilinear Logan Square subway station on it was to O'Hare, looking northwest on October 23, 2003. The column-free platform remains as spacious as it was when built in 1970, but the terrazzo floors have proved difficult to patch in a visually seamless way. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta2319_2224.jpg (204k)
On a fantrip on May 1, 2005, 2200-series cars 2224 and 2319 are at Skokie terminal. Although it was not the first ever instance of the third rail-only cars to the former catenary territory, it was the first fantrip. Operated as a 4-car train for most of the trip, the cars were split at Skokie. The destination signs on 2319 and 2223, which were on the ends of the consist, had older destination signs installed for the trip. (Photo by J. Terrell Colson)

cta2320_2223.jpg (176k)
In a shot that would have been nearly impossible to take eight months before, a fantrip of 2200-series cars sits at Dempster/Skokie terminal on May 1, 2005. Car 2223 sports a 1980s-era roller curtain, brought and installed specially for the fantrip. (Photo by J. Terrell Colson)

cta2223.jpg (171k)
Departing Kimball Terminal, car 2223 leads a 4-car fantrip charter of 2200-series cars on May 1, 2005. The charter took the cars to a number of lines that the cars rarely or never visited or ran on. The 2200-series cars have never been formally assigned to the Brown (Ravenswood) Line. (Photo by Art Peterson, courtesy of J. Terrell Colson)

cta2223b.jpg (153k)
Another view of car 2223 in Kimball Yard on the May 1, 2005 fantrip chartered by New York railfan Mark Wolodarksy. Wolodarksy brought his own historic roller curtains to install in the end cars in the 4-car 2200-series consist. The curtain in 2223 is a 1980s-era curtain showing the generic Spirit of Chicago reading. (Photo by J. Terrell Colson)