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cta2222b.jpg (174k)
This striking view of a westbound train -- the Pink Line is the only route that the CTA refers to as operating east- and westbound; as in standard railroad parlance, all other routes are referred as being north- and southbound regardless of actual cardinal direction -- shows car 2222 bringing up the rear of a Pink Line consist that is about to turn from the Lake branch onto the Paulina Connector through Paulina Junction on July 3, 2006. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta2217.jpg (183k)
Car 2217, a 1969-vintage unit, is at the lead of a Pink Line train stopping at Library station on July 3, 2006 as the operator makes manual station announcements and checks for passengers before closing his doors. The 2200-series cars, which make up half of the 44 cars assigned to the Pink Line, are only used when 4-car service is operated on the route. Otherwise, only 2600-series cars are used. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta2270a.jpg (154k)
Car 2270 is seen leading a 6-car train of 2200-series cars on the Illinois Railway Museum's annual Snowflake Special fantrip. The train is posed for photos at Fullerton on March 28, 2010, with a "Baseball today" front chains sign of the type that trains carried decades ago. (Photo by Dennis Herbuth)
cta2318.jpg (215k)
Car 2318 is at the front of a 4-car train of 2200-series cars posed at Sox-35th on a CERA fantrip on November 18, 2012. The trip featured excursions on CTA's oldest and newest cars, the 2200s and the 5000s respectively. The 2200-series cars are at home at Sox-35th, as they were procured for the opening of the Dan Ryan line on which Sox-35th is situated, and their aesthetics were designed to harmonize with the Dan Ryan's modernist stations. The 2200s were being retired with the arrival of the 5000s, and would disappear from the system less than a year later. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta2241b.jpg (246k)
A 4-car train of 2200-series cars, with car 2241 bringing up the rear, passes Washington Street on the Loop Elevated as it approaches Randolph/Wabash on November 18, 2012. The 2200s haven't been in revenue service on the Loop since their brief return on the Pink Line in 2006-08; they are on the downtown elevated here because they are on their way back to the Blue Line after being used on a CERA charter trip. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta2300doors1.jpg (190k)
The 2200-series cars were the last CTA railcars with blinker doors, which swiveled open. This detail view looks upward at the overhead bulkhead that houses the door control machinery and arms that swivel the doors open on car 2300 on February 9, 2012. (Photo by Sean Menor)
cta2300doors2.jpg (220k)
The 2200-series cars' dual set of doors, each comprised of two door leaves that fold in, demonstrate why the blinker-style doors are also referred to as "quarter-point doors". The two sets of doors were divided by a solid wall section on the carbody and a stanchion and railing, which helped divide boarding and alighting passengers into two separate streams. This view looks at a set of doors on car 2300 on February 9, 2012. (Photo by Sean Menor)
cta2300doors3.jpg (238k)
A detail view of two door leaves of a set of blinker doors on car 2300, on February 9, 2012, shows the leaves' tall, narrow design with a thin window on each and a rubber gasket on the insides which contained a "sensitive edge" which made the doors reopen a few inches if something was caught in the doors closing. Although all CTA railcars had decals on the doors that said, "Stand clear of doors", for passengers' general safety in case of any unexpected situation, this message was especially true for the standees on the 2200s, since the doors swung in as they opened, making them more likely to hit someone standing near them. (Photo by Sean Menor)
cta2349doors.jpg (170k)
A detail view of the pivot arm and opening track in the bottom of the overhead bulkhead above the 2200-series cars' blinker doors, seen on car 2349 on January 21, 2012. (Photo by Sean Menor)

cta2204c.jpg (189k)
Brand-new 2200-series cars 2204-2203 are seen at 95th Street on June 27, 1969 during an inspection trip of the new Dan Ryan rapid transit line, a preview of the new facilities provided for media and public officials a few months ahead of the line's opening. (CTA photo)