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cta2202c.jpg (165k)
Mayor Richard J. Daley shakes hands with CTA motorman Walter Jogerst at Sox-35th station before making an inspection trip on the new Dan Ryan Line on June 27, 1969. Smiling, standing next to Jogerst, is CTA Chairman George L. DeMent. The inspection trip provided the first preview not only of the new rapid transit line and stations but the new, state-of-the-art 2200-series railcars as well. Between Daley and DeMent is the president of the Budd Company, builder of the 2200s. (CTA photo)
cta2201b.jpg (179k)
First-of-the-series 2200-series cars 2201-2202 are on display at 95th on the new Dan Ryan rapid transit line as part of an inspection event for the new facilities on June 27, 1969. Visible behind 2201-02 is a unit of the predecessor 2000-series built by Pullman. The two car series were compatible and were both assigned to cover service on the Dan Ryan Line once it opened. (CTA photo)
cta2200s05.jpg (229k)
A two-car unit of 2200-series railcars -- probably cars 2201-2202 -- take a test trip on the new Dan Ryan Line, passing northbound through 94th Interlocking after leaving 95th terminal, on an inspection trip on June 27, 1969. Note the Greyhound bus on the bus bridge at the 95th station and the Sinclair gas sign in the left background. (CTA photo)
cta2201c.jpg (164k)
The CTA and the City ran an inspection trip over the new Dan Ryan Line on June 27, 1969, providing a preview of the new, state-of-the-art facilities for the media, public officials, and dignitaries. The industry preview of the new facilities was held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Institute for Rapid Transit. Cars 2201-2202, built as part of the Dan Ryan project and provided for service on the new line, are on hand at 95th terminal for the inspection trip, along with a unit of their predecessors, the 2000-series, behind them. (CTA photo)
cta2201d.jpg (189k)
2200-series prototype cars 2201-2202 are posed on the new Dan Ryan Line near 35th Street during an inspection trip of the new facilities on June 27, 1969. The modern, streamlined stainless steel cars were built as part of and to provide service on the new line. Note the concrete ties used on the line, a feature of both the Dan Ryan and Kennedy lines built at the same time. Towers of the Robert Taylor Homes high-rise public housing development, completed just seven years earlier, are visible in the background. It appears someone forgot to "dress" the front of the train and properly secure the front chains! (CTA photo)
cta2211b.jpg (210k)
A train of 2200-series cars, led by car 2211, was used to bring dignitaries, public officials, and other attendees from downtown to the dedication ceremonies for the new Dan Ryan Line. Guests are loading onto the train at Randolph/Wabash on Friday, September 26, 1969. (CTA photo)
DanRyanDedication.jpg (182k)
A train of the new stainless steel 2200-series cars designed and purchased for the Dan Ryan Line are about the burst through a special banner as part of the dedication ceremonies for the new rapid transit line on Friday, September 26, 1969. Dignitaries, guests, and members of the media are gathered on the platform at 95th to catch the moment. (CTA photo)
cta2200s06.jpg (175k)
The new, modern, stainless steel 2200-series cars were used to give free demonstration rides between noon and 4pm on Friday, September 26, 1969 as part of the dedication ceremonies for the new rapid transit line. This train of sparkling new 2200s is seen at the 95th terminal on dedication day. Informational materials and souvenir buttons were distributed to guests as well. Regular service began on the Dan Ryan Line two days later on Sunday, September 28. (CTA photo)
cta2202d.jpg (178k)
A front-end view of car 2202 at Skokie Shops in August 1969 shows the exceptionally clean lines of the Budd-built 2200-series cars. With aesthetics designed by famed Modernist architects Skidmore Owings & Merrill, designers of the Dan Ryan and Kennedy lines' stations, the cars also displayed an unusually rectilinear shape -- even though the cars have the "fish-belly" sides of all modern CTA cars that bulge out and taper back in at the floorline, the front elevation provides no indication of this. Aside from the dark gray masks around the front windows, the cars have no exterior decals or livery. (Photo by Walter R. Keevil)
cta2202e.jpg (216k)
After delivery to CTA from Budd Company's Red Lion Plant in Philadelphia, prototype cars 2201-2202 were inspected and prepared for service. The cars are on the South Tail Track at Skokie Shops, signed for the yet-to-be-opened Dan Ryan Line and ready to leave the shops. With car 2202 facing the camera, the sleek, modern appearance of the cars designed by Skidmore Owings & Merrill is evident. The cars have no exterior markings save for car numbers and dark gray front window masks -- not even CTA logos! -- which, combined with their fluted sides, provide a very streamlined appearance. Note that the wheels are even painted silver to provide a complete aesthetic look. (Photo by Walter R. Keevil)