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Car 1 at CHM Gallery

SSRTloco25.jpg (19k)
A northbound train pauses for passengers at Indiana Avenue in 1892. The South Side Elevated was one of two "L" company to use locomotives; the Lake Street was the other. By the end of 19th century, electric traction was in use on all "L" lines. (Photo from the CTA Collection)

ctawoods@latrobe.jpg (38k)
In 1949, a train of a 1906 Jewett-built and a 1903 St. Louis-built "L" car, then still operating from overhead trolley wire, overtakes a 1923 Brill-built streetcar on the Lake Street Line. (Photo from the George Krambles Collection)

cta215@harvard.jpg (30k)
This car is assigned to the Normal Park branch, seen on April 1, 1950. Under the A/B skip-stop plan, instituted on the North-South Route in 1949, trains shuttled passengers between the 69th Street terminal of the Normal Park branch to Harvard on the Englewood branch. (Photo from the T.H. Desnoyers Collection)

cta1812.jpg (94k)
Car 1812 breezes along at Homan on the Lake Street Line in mid-1950. Car 1812 began as Northwestern trailer 273 (later 1273) in 1907. In 1950, it and six identical cars were converted to motor cars (1809-1815) at the West Shops. Car 1812 was livered with the Mercury Green, Croyden Cream and Swamp Holly Orange, standard on PCC streetcars since 1946. No other wood cars were so painted, but the scheme was adopted for the 6000-series in 1950. (Photo from the CERA Collection)

nwcarint.jpg (54k)
Interior detail of Northwestern 1100-series trailer, taken December 18, 1907. It exhibits old-style ads, including one for the opening of the Ravenswood Line (close-up at right) over the "simple but classic end door." (Photo from the CERA Collection)

nw1235int.jpg (55k)
Interior of Northwestern car 1235, taken at the Wilson Avenue Shops. (Photo from the CERA Collection)

cta1024.jpg (33k)
Northwestern gate car 1024 at the Illinois Railway Museum at Union, IL. (Photo by Leon Kay)

ctaS-218.jpg (126k)
S-218 and S-219 were two of the cars rebuilt as snowplows from the series 2858-2927 Metropolitan cars. (Photo by Roy G. Benedict)

cta1024c.jpg (35k)
A different, better shot of Northwestern gate car 1024 at Union, this time in 1970 in multiple unit operation with vestibule motor 1808. (Photo by Leon Kay)

SSRT1.jpg (242k)
South Side Rapid Transit car 1 was restored to its post-electrification state by the CTA's Skokie Shops, outside of which the car stands in May 1963. Liveried in Pullman green with gold trim, the beauty of the car recalls a long-gone more elegant railroading age, even on rapid transit. (Photo by T.A. Carpenter)