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Car 1 at CHM Gallery

crt1706.jpg (91k)
CTA car 1706, a 1903 St. Louis product, sits in the Kenwood pocket track at Indiana station in this undated view. The car is displaying "Stockyards" destination signs, so it may have just come up from 61st Street Yard to fill a Kenwood schedule, with the crew had yet to change the signs for the Kenwood trip. This car was scrapped in August of 1954. (Photo from the Jeff Obarek Collection)

crt1233.jpg (89k)
This undated photo shows CRT car 1233 in the yard at Logan Square. Several North Side cars were used on the Metropolitan Division during the late 20s and early 30s. For instance, a company photo taken in December 1928 caught a 1001-series motor and another 1200-series trailer on the Humboldt Park line, while car 1240 was destroyed in the 1930 fire at 56th Yard on the Douglas branch. Car 1233 was part of 25 car order filled in 1900 from American Car & Foundry's Jeffersonville, IN plant. As delivered, 23 of the cars (including the 1233) did not have control equipment. The other two cars in the order came with GE C-36 controls. (Photo from the Jeff Obarek Collection)

crt1013.jpg (98k)
This undated view shows 1013 on the storage tracks on the east side of the Skokie Shops buildings in the CRT era. The 1013 was one of 37 cars built by Pullman in 1898 to start the Northwestern Elevated operation. A wood body with steel underframe was used. The cars seated 42 in a "bowling alley" configuration (all seats faced a wide central aisle). As built, the cars had roof-mounted destination signs at each end. These were removed circa 1913. (Photo from the Jeff Obarek Collection)

cta1024d.jpg (103k)
CTA 1024 poses with S-340 (the former 1815) in the Public Service Company of Northern Illinois siding at Church Street on the Evanston Line. This photo was taken during the Illinois Electric Railway Museum charter of April 20, 1958. Another charter move (on July 19, 1958) saw the 1024 and 1797 transferred to IERM's North Chicago museum site via the North Shore Line. The 1024 is now part of IRM's extensive "L"TM car collection. (Photo from the Jeff Obarek Collection)

crt315.jpg (84k)
Car 315 has just emerged from the shop at the time of this undated photo. When shopping a wood-bodied car, the big concern was the condition of the car under the surface (exposed) boards. The carbody would flex, making it hard to keep a coat of paint on the carside, including over the seams between the boards. When this happened, water could get into the seams leading to rot beneath the surface. (Photo from the Jeff Obarek Collection)

cta335.jpg (77k)
Car 335 is shown in the Kimball Yard of the Ravenswood line in the mid-50s. The car was part of an 80-car order (321-400) filled by American Car & Foundry in 1905, the last order purchased for the exclusive use of the South Side routes. By the time this group of cars was delivered, all the other "L"TM divisions had progressed to closed-vestibule cars. The South Side's few closed-vestibule cars would come through rebuilding. Car 375 from this group was rebuilt in this manner, in addition to receiving air doors, in 1914. The 335 was retired from Ravenswood service in May of 1957. (Photo from the Jeff Obarek Collection)

cta205.jpg (84k)
A single Jewett, car 205, leaves Exchange station on the Stockyards Branch in this undated view. After the end of the Wilson-Kenwood through service in July of 1949, several cars from this series remained on the South Side to operate the Kenwood, Normal Park and Stockyards shuttle services. Some cars of the group were sent to the Logan Square branch, along with cars from the 211-250 and 251-400 groups where they were used on the Logan and Humboldt trains. The last of the 181-250 series cars were retired during 1951. (Photo from the Jeff Obarek Collection)

crt257.jpg (87k)
This typical 3-car consist on a Wilson-Kenwood local train is shown stopping at the Buena station. The 257 is part of a 70 car order (251-320) built by Jewett in 1905. This car was one of the group that operated into 1957 on the Ravenswood Branch, closing out the use of this type of car on the CTA system. (Photo from the Jeff Obarek Collection)

cta1813.jpg (87k)
Originally built as Northwestern Elevated coach (no control equipment) 274 by ACF in 1907, this car became CER 1274 at the consolidation in 1913. The 1274, along with six other ACF trailers was selected by CTA for conversion to a motor car. This work was done in 1950 at West Shops, at which time the car was assigned the number 1813. CER had done a similar conversion on other cars from this series. This view, taken on 1 May 1955 shows the 1813 operating with 1815 in a fantrip train westbound at Sedgwick station. The 1813 was rebuilt into work motor S-338 in January of 1958, and was retired from work service in May of 1968. (Photo from the Jeff Obarek Collection)

crt2326.jpg (96k)
The Met had it all! That is, in terms of trailer configurations. The 2100 series cars had cabs at each end; while the lower-numbered 2200-series cars had no control equipment. The 1901 ACF order (cars 312-340, including the 326, shown later in its life in this view) had control cabs at one end only, as did the 2500-series trailers. If you were a switchman on the Met, you had to stay on top of all this when you were cutting and adding cars, otherwise you might end up with a train without a cab on the front end! (Photo from the Jeff Obarek Collection)

(Thanks to Art Peterson for writing the above captions!)