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SSEwoods@racine-exchange.jpg (151k)
In this view looking northeast, a two-car train has completed its trip around the Packingtown loop on the Stock Yards branch and, having just left Armour station (just out of view on the right) it's about to rejoin the branch's main line on its way back to Indiana station. (Photo from CTA Collection)

cta2011_4145_3146@HamlinYd.jpg (127k)
Three generations of "L" equipment -- from right to left, in order of age, a wood car, a 4000-series car, and a High-Performance Family car -- are lined up at Hamlin Yard in 1964. The three also all ran on the Lake Street Line, the location of Hamlin Yard, at one time or another. At left, Pullman-Standard car 2011 represented a state of the art railcar at the time of the photo. Car 4145, at center, represented the steel cars that had served the line since 1915. At right, car 3146, by then in work service, dated from the earliest days of the Lake Street Elevated Railroad and had served the route from 1893 to 1954. (Photo from the CTA Collection)

crt2790@roosevelt01.jpg (148k)
A two-car Westchester train led by car 2790 nears Roosevelt Road as it travels south, probably in the 1940s. The track the cars on the left are stored on was the original terminal track when the branch ended at Roosevelt. It was downgraded to a storage track when the line was extended south in the open cut. Note that by this time, the appearance of the cars had become weathered and dull after years of deferred maintenance. (George Krambles photo, courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson Archive)

crt2790@roosevelt02.jpg (193k)
Car 2790, a 1904-vintage Jewitt-built former Metropolitan Elevated motorcar, is part of a two-car train on the Westchester branch circa the late 1940s. This view looks south from Roosevelt Road, where the double-track branch narrows to a single-track line for the remaining mile to the terminus at Mannheim/22nd. (George Krambles photo, courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson Archive)

crt2790@canterbury.jpg (134k)
Car 2790 performs the duties of the single-car shuttle approaching the Westchester (Canterbury) station. Such limited service was not only typical on the single-track portion of the Westchester branch, but more than adequate. By the time of this 1940s photo, however, some buildings had begun to spring up along the line. (George Krambles photo, courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson Archive)

skokieshops10.jpg (109k)
A decommissioned wooden car, probably a former Northwestern Elevated unit, and a handful of 4000-series cars are seen in Skokie Yard in 1966. (Photo by Miles Beitler)

damen02.jpg (163k)
A wooden gate car has departed Damen heading northwest, probably to the Humboldt Park branch, looking northwest from then the inbound station platform in August 1950. Old Damen Tower and the junction are visible in the distance. Note the silhouette of the new Damen Tower on the left, indicating that the tower structure had already been constructed by this point. (Photo by George Krambles, courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson Archive)

damen04.jpg (170k)
Wooden gate car 311, originally built for the South Side Elevated in 1905, is covering off-peak Humboldt Park service, running the Lawndale-Damen shuttle. Car 311 was part of the 251-400 series order, the South Side company's last order of wooden cars. In this view looking northwest on September 17, 1950, toward Damen Junction, the car has discharged its passengers at the inbound Damen platform to transfer to a through-train to downtown, has picked up the outbound riders, and is crossing over to the northbound track just north of the station to return to the branch. Car 311 was scrapped five years later, in September 1955. (Photo by Henry M. Stange, courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson Archive)

cta2756a.jpg (169k)
Former Metropolitan Elevated wooden car 2756 is seen next to the North Shore Line's Waukegan Freight House on October 17, 1948. The former funeral car was used as a mobile medical exam car by Chicago Rapid Transit Company starting in 1926, as well as in the first few years of the CTA. The car served as a mobile medical exam station for employees of all the Insull-owned electric railroads, and in this service logged hundreds of miles on the CNS&M and CA&E in addition to the "L". Although now in the CTA era in this view, it appears to still be doing "family" (as in former Insull-controlled employee) medical exams, given its location. The "Private Car" side sign reading is interesting, as it typically displayed a "Medical Car" reading in this service. The car was converted to a training car by CTA in 1952, though it may have ceased housing medical exams before that. The car was scrapped in March 1953. (Photo by Henry M. Stange, courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson Archive)

loyola01.jpg (219k)
A black-and-white postcard shows the simple wood-frame construction of the original Hayes Avenue station, as a three-car Northwestern "L" train stops at the station circa 1910.  (Postcard from the JJ Sedelmaier Collection)