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Car 1 at CHM Gallery

cta2753.jpg (70k)
Car 2753 was part of the original Metropolitan West Side Elevated Railway order for 55 motor cars built by Barney & Smith in 1894. This order predated the development of multiple-unit control, so those cars were essentially locomotives designed to pull several trailer cars. This car (along with the 2725) was damaged by fire (a common problem with wood cars), and was sent to Jewett for rebuilding in 1901. 2753 was retired in May of 1955. (Photo from the Jeff Obarek Collection)

cta2782.jpg (87k)
In addition to performing fire damage repairs on a couple of the Met's 1894 Barney & Smith-built motor cars, Jewett was contracted to build a further eight motors cars, numbered 782-789. These were delivered in 1901. This view shows 2782 on the rear of an inbound Douglas Park train. Several of the cars from this group were operating on the Humboldt Park branch shuttle service at the end of that line's operation in early May of 1952. The 2782 remained active for another three years, and was retired in May of 1955. (Photo from the Jeff Obarek Collection)

cta2701@StLouis.jpg (58k)
A sway-backed 2701-series car is shown approaching the station at St. Louis Avenue on the Humboldt Park Branch on winter afternoon in 1951. Up until the end of service on the Branch, peak-period trains consisted of two-cars. (Photo by Joe Diaz, Courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson Archive)

crt1808@IRM.jpg (100k)
Car 1808 leads a two-car train old wood-bodied "L" cars during the Illinois Railroad Museum's annual trolley parade on July 4, 2003. 1808 is an AC&F-built ex-Northwestern Elevated unit, originally a trailer and converted to a motor in 1912 under the auspices of Chicago Elevated Railways, and wearing the CRT's brown and orange two-tone paint scheme. Trailing it is another ex-Northwestern wood, Jewett-built 1754 in the CER's green and orange paint scheme from the 1920s and 30s. (Photo by Leon Kay)

dempster03.jpg (122k)
Although few people lived along the Niles Center line, a large crowd was on hand for the dedication ceremonies at Dempster Street on March 28, 1925. Car 1808 led the long train of otherwise steel 4000-series cars, which in fact rarely operated on the branch. (Photo from the Bruce G. Moffat Collection)

NWERR9.jpg (165k)
Northwstern Elevated car 9 is seen at builder Pullman's south Chicago plant in 1898. The motorcar shows the marker-headlight arrangement typical for "railroad roof" cars on the Northwestern; the Lake Street and Metropolitan railroad-roof cars had similar arrangements. (Photo courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson Archive)

MWSERR842.jpg (118k)
Metropolitan Elevated motorcar 842 is pictured fresh off the assembly line at the American Car & Foundry plant in 1904. The car is a handsome unit, with its intricate decorative gold striping and scrolls. Note the pantograph-style gate on the front corner of the car and the headlight and marker lights built into the square end of the monitor-type clerestory roof, both unique to the Met. (Photo courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson Archive)

cta6000s&wood@Armitage.jpg (127k)
In the mid-1950s, the North Main Line was an interesting mix of equipment: the CTA's newest, the 6000-series, and some of its oldest wood cars. Although the Ravenswood Line had a handful of 6000s assigned too, a good portion of service was still provided by half-century-old wood cars. A former-Met car is operating on a southbound Ravenswood "A" run on the left, while a Jackson Park "B" train led by a flat-door 6000-series car and a Howard "A" train trailed by a curved-door pair of 6000s pass on the inner express tracks at Armitage Interlocking on June 1, 1956. (Photo from CTA Collection)

crt_woods@Illinois.jpg (92k)
A train of wood cars are northbound on the North Side Main Line passing Illinois Crossover circa 1920. Grand station is under construction in the background. (Photo from CTA Collection)

SSE157@stockyards.jpg (207k)
Demonstrating how much of the Stock Yards branch traveled over a maze of industry rather than actual streets, a two-car Stock Yards train led by South Side Elevated car 157 passes over livestock pens near Exchange station in 1911. The bow trolley's on top of the cars are for use in 61st Street Yard and the white sign on the side of second car indicates it's a smoking car. (Photo from the CTA Collection)

(Thanks to Art Peterson for writing the first three captions!)