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Car 1 at CHM Gallery

crt2791.jpg (64k)
Metropolitan "L" car 2791 is heading west on the Garfield Park branch to Forest Park, possibly at the Pulaski station. The photo is probably from the late 1940s or early 1950s. (Photo by unknown, contributed by Eric Zabelny)

histcars.jpg (76k)
South Side car 1 and 4000-series cars 4271-4272, the CTA's two sets of historic cars, are at the Quincy/Wells station in October of 1997 for the 100th anniversary of the Loop. (Photo by Jay Affleck)

cta1024b.jpg (110k)
Former Northwestern Elevated car 1024 is seen here after retirement in November 1962. 1024 was chosen for preservation and moved to IRM's original site in North Chicago, IL in April 1958; it now resides at their museum in Union, IL. (Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta1268.jpg (120k)
In its faded, rusting CRT orange and brown livery, car 1268 is seen after retirement in November 1962. Car 1268 was originally acquired in February 1955, preserved in its 1916 control coach state, by Frank Sherwin and Chicago Hardware Foundry. It is now in IRM's collection in Union, IL, on display in one of the museum's display barns, and has been operated in recent years. The car in the right background is Indiana Railroad #65, the first car acquired by IRM. (Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta2904.jpg (152k)
A lot of ex-Met wood cars finished out their service by wood cars on the Ravenswood, the Stock Yards and the Kenwood lines. On the last days of the Kenwood, all of cars were numerically above 2900. Car 2904 is seen working the Kenwood branch, stopped at Indiana in 1957. The line (and cars) was taken out of service by the end of the year; 2904 was scrapped in May 1958. (Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta293.jpg (108k)
Former South Side car 293 has met a fate similar to many other wooden "L" cars: after being retired in June 1957, it sits on the Lower 63rd Yard on October 4, 1972. It has received a low-cost conversion, mostly consisting of blocking out the windows with plywood, into a stationary tool or storage car. (Photo by Steve Zabel, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta390.jpg (138k)
Car 390 leads a two-car train near Jarvis on the North-South Route on a fan trip circa April 14, 1957. Both wooden cars were assigned to the Ravenswood at the time. Car 390 was retired in June 1957. (Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta390a.jpg (147k)
In the CTA era, car 390 leads a two-car train in faded CRT livery stopped at Sedgwick. The occasion was a fan trip circa April 14, 1957. Note the old-style marker lamps on the front of 390. (Collection of Joe Testagrose)

ctaelcar.jpg (127k)
A former Met motor car, leading a rail fan Special, pulls into the old Forest Park/Desplaines station on the Garfield Park Line around April 14, 1957. (Photo by Terrell Colson, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

ctaelcar2.jpg (155k)
Two ex-Met wooden cars, CRT #2872 and 2888, sit in the Kimball Yard after retirement on August 14, 1978. After a simple conversion of plywood window coverings, paint, and some utilities service, the cars are most likely service as crew rooms or perhaps work rooms. They served as storage cars at Kimball until 1982, when they were acquired by the Illinois Railway Museum. Both cars have since been repainted in the brown-and-orange paint scheme of CRT, and both are on display inside one of IRM's display barns. (Photo by Doug Grotjahn, Collection of Joe Testagrose)