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cta6253.jpg (213k)
A southbound 8-car Howard-Englewood A train, lead by car 6253, passes Wellington on its way to the subway and South Side on October 2, 1972. (Photo by Steve Zabel, Joe Testagrose Collection)
cta6301.jpg (204k)
Looking south down the Wellington station platform on October 4, 1972 provides a view not only of a CTA 6000-series Englewood A train bypassing the stop on the express track, but also of the old-style signs and shepherds crook lights, all of which are now gone. (Photo from the Joe Testagrose Collection)
cta6005int.jpg (140k)
The interior of car 6005, one of the earliest 6000-series, is seen in Logan Square Yard on September 16, 1950, shortly after delivery. The interior view represents the cars' original configuration, equipment and appearance, with the two-tone green walls and ceiling, bullseye lighting, stuffed seats, and lift-sash windows. (Photo by George Krambles, courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson Archive)
cta6005-06cond.jpg (130k)
Looking proud of his job and only too happy to pose for a photo, with his cap at a jaunty angle (perhaps trying to channel a bit of Bing Crosby or Fred Astaire), a conductor poses in the conductor's control position between cars 6005 and 6006 in Logan Square Yard on September 16, 1950. The conductor's worked the doors from between the married-pair cars in the first 200 6000-series cars, before it was moved inside in subsequent 6000 orders. (The first 200 were later retrofit to bring the work position inside as well.) Note that, three years after the CTA assumed control of the system, the conductor is still in a CRT uniform (though with a CTA badge on his hat). He also continues to wear and old-style chest register. (Photo by George Krambles, courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson Archive)
cta6006doorctrl.jpg (101k)
This detail shot of the exterior of the "B" end of car 6006 on September 16, 1950 shows what the conductor's position door controls looked like on the first 6000-series cars, as delivered. The push buttons labelled "LEFT" and "RIGHT" are buzzer signal buttons, while inside the cavity on the bottom are the toggle switches that opened and closed the doors. Note the Consolidated Car Heating-stamped keyswitch cover in the middle. The exterior paint scheme, with croydon cream and a mercury green band through the standee windows bordered by a 1" dark green stripe, is carried right across the door control panel. (Photo by George Krambles, courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson Archive)
cta6688.jpg (174k)
A four-car Congress-Milwaukee "A" train, trailed by car 6688, has just left Loomis Junction and is passing by the incline up to the Douglas branch on its way to Desplaines on July 23, 1982. (Photo by Leon Kay)
cta6675.jpg (222k)
The motorman of an inbound Douglas-Milwaukee "B" train waves to the photographer from his lead car, 6675, as it ascends down the incline known to employees as "Angel's Flight." approaching Loomis Junction, on July 23, 1982. The four-car train of curved-door 6000s are all painted in the Mint Green and Alpine White livery. (Photo by Leon Kay)
cta6000s12.jpg (148k)
A northbound North-South Route train of 6000-series railcars is descending down the 13th Street Incline, under the tracks of the South Side Elevated, entering the State Street Subway on its way north to Howard on July 23, 1981. (Photo by Leon Kay)
cta6280.jpg (195k)
Car 6280 leads a four-car Jackson Park-Howard "B" train on its way to the North Side, going down the 13th Street Incline to the State Street Subway on July 23, 1981. 6280 and its mate, 6279, are painted in the older Mint Green and Alpine White scheme, and looking a bit weathered at that, while the trailing unit is painted in the newer Bicentennial scheme of red, white and blue on silver mist and charcoal. (Photo by Leon Kay)
cta6276.jpg (153k)
A southbound Englewood-Howard "A" train, led by car 6276, emerges from the 13th Street Portal at the south end of the State Street Subway, seen looking northwest on July 23, 1981. (Photo by Leon Kay)