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cta6599rust.jpg (62k)
An exterior view of 6000-series car 6599's #1 end, beneath the motorman's window at the Seashore Trolley Museum in July 2000. In spite of the car's peeling paint and rust, 6659-6600 is in good structural shape. Most of the car cannot rust since its aluminum; the rusting sections (the roof and belt rail) are made of steel. (Photo by Ernie Baudler)

cta6461b.jpg (115k)
Car 6461, repainted in its original cream, green, and orange scheme, sits at the Illinois Railway Museum on July 30, 1999. Its mate, 6462, is still in the Mint Green and Alpine White scheme that it was retired in. (Photo by Sean Gash)

cta6000s10.jpg (51k)
A train of CTA 6000-6200 series cars run on a southbound six car Englewood-Howard "A" train at 30th Street on the South Side mainline in October 1968. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

Two ex-Chicago Transit Authority 6000-series cars, sold to SEPTA in 1987, sit at the 72nd Street carbarn in Upper Darby on the Philadelphia & Western line. Although both have had SEPTA logos added, they are both still in the schemes they were retired from the CTA in. (Photo by George Metz, from the Bill Volkmer Collection. Photo courtesy of Dave's Train Pictures)

cta6000s@13th.jpg (104k)
Between 1943 and 1993, northbound trains heading for the State Street Subway on the North-South Route left the old South Side elevated near 15th Street to enter the subway at the 13th Street Portal. Two 6000-series trains, including a Howard-bound "A" train (foreground), are seen here at the portal circa the 1970s. The tracks in the background, also part of the old South Side elevated, were used by Lake-Dan Ryan trains at the time of the photo, from 1969 to 1993. (Photo by Brian J. Cudhay)

cta6102.jpg (84k)
Restored in the early 1980s by the CTA paint scheme in which it was delivered in 1950, 6000-series car 6102 is now on display at the Fox River Trolley Museum, seen here on July 3, 2000. It is displaying the signs of the same vintage of its restoration for the Ravenswood "A" route. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta6462.jpg (112k)
Car 6461-6462 are two of six 6000-series cars in the collection of the Illinois Railway Museum. Car 6461 was repainted to its original paint scheme in which it was delivered in 1955; car 6462 (foreground), meanwhile, still bears the mint green and alpine white it was retired in, albeit in a highly worn condition. They are on a siding here on September 24, 2000. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta6656b.jpg (81k)

Car 6656, in the Spirit of Chicago colors in which it was retired, sits in the yard at the Illinois Railway Museum on July 9, 2000. Car 6656 never had trolley poles while in CTA service, but needed them in order to run at IRM. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta6656TestTrain1.jpg (93k)
Plying the same route that it last ran on in revenue service, car 6656 trails a three-car train of PCCs from IRM at Chicago station on the Ravenswood on March 5, 2001. The cars have been returned to the "L" temporarily for the filming of the movie Ali and have been brought out so that CTA crews can be retrained and the cars can be further tested. (Video and capture by David Harrison)

cta6656TestTrain2.jpg (92k)
The three-car PCC train with 6656 on the rear continues northbound through Chicago station on March 5, 2001. Many older CTA cars -- 4000s, 6000s, 1-50s -- often carried fire extinguishers or water cans on the front and rear platforms. (Video and capture by David Harrison)