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cta6000s07.jpg (116k)
A 2-car Ravenswood All-Stop of 6000s stops at Irving Park on May 29, 1975. Note the unusual black and white station name sign on the left; usually the older ones were white and dark blue. (Photo by Ed McKernen, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta6000s08.jpg (147k)
A 6-car Ravenswood train stops at Clark/Lake on May 26, 1978. Note the two transfer bridges: since through-routing began in 1913, Clark/Lake has been a busy transfer station. The station was replaced in 1988. (Photo by Ed McKernen, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta6000s09.jpg (122k)
A 2-car train of 6000s makes a Ravenswood All-Stop run in September 1979. Another Rave train of 6000s is seen in the background. (Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta6101.jpg (116k)
Cars 6101-6102 are seen in the Kimball Yard on the Ravenswood Line on August 30, 1982 not long after becoming a Heritage Train. Then-General Operations Manager Harold Geissenheimer had 6101-6102, which still retained its original headlight/destination sign configuration restored to its 1950s appearance. (Photo by Doug Grotjahn, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta6101a.jpg (120k)
Two eras of equipment: restored Heritage Car 6101 and a 2400-series car provide an interesting contrast and a demonstration of how car design changed over the course of two decades while waiting at Kimball terminal. Note the two different types of "Ravenswood All-Stop" signage on the trains. (Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta6101b.jpg (114k)
Car 6101 leads an usual assortment of "Not in Service" equipment past Hoyne station on May 28, 1973. (Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta6101c.jpg (104k)
Car 6101 leads a Ravenswood "B" train with a rather interesting consist - cars 6101-6102, a 1-50 series unit, and a 5000-series unit in the rear - on August 8, 1981. The consist is especially interesting in light of the fact that, according to car rosters from the time, only 6101-6102 are actually assigned to Ravenswood service! (Photo by Alan Feinstein, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta6101e.jpg (135k)
A rush hour Evanston Express is led by car 6101, waiting at Linden for passengers to board on September 24, 1976. Other straight-door 6000s are in the yard, awaiting their next assignment. (Photo by Doug Grotjahn, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta6101i.jpg (127k)
Heritage Cars 6101-6102 make up a 2-car Ravenswood All-Stop, stopped at the Merchandise Mart on August 30, 1982. The station name sign directs exiting passengers to the Kinzie Street exit (left) or into the Mart itself (right). The station was rebuilt six years later. (Photo by Doug Grotjahn, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta6101j.jpg (132k)
6101-6102 operate a Ravenswood All-Stop run alone, stopped at Randolph/Wells on August 30, 1982, looking north toward Tower 18. (Photo by Doug Grotjahn, Collection of Joe Testagrose)