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cta6228.jpg (147k)
Car 6228 brings up rear of a southbound North-South Route train of 6000-series railcars is climbing the 13th Street Incline out of the State Street Subway on its way to Ashland Terminal on July 23, 1981. The consist's Mint Green and Alpine White livery has seen better days, between what appear to be the effects of day-to-day weathering and some graffiti on the end door. (Photo by Leon Kay)
cta6217.jpg (165k)
An Englewood-Howard "A" train enters the State Street Subway at he 13th Street Portal, with 6000-series car 6217 on rear, on its way to Howard on July 20, 1982. Car 6217 is sporting a variation of paint scheme the 2400-series cars were delivered in, itself a variation and evolution of the Bicentennial paint scheme select cars received in the mid-1970s. Relatively few 6000s received this paint scheme; most were either retired in the Mint Green and Alpine White, or were repainted in the final evolution of the red, white and blue scheme -- the Spirit of Chicago livery. (Photo by Leon Kay)
loyola19.jpg (213k)
CTA personnel are working hard to dig out Track 2, the southbound North-South Route track, at Loyola on January 14, 1979, during the famous Blizzard of '79. Over 20 inches of snow fell over the previous few days, and any part of the "L" not on an open trestle-type elevated structure was inundated with enough snow that normal service was impossible. Even minimal service was difficult to maintain with continuing snowfalls and prolonged sub-freezing temperatures. The CTA's snowfighting equipment proved inadequate, leading to trains pushing snow out of the way (causing equipment damage) before temporary snow plow blades could be affixed, supplemented with hand-removal of snow. Note the track marker on Track 1 in the distance nearly buried under the snow. (CTA photo, courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson Archive)

ROW@EvergreenPortal01.jpg (181k)
A train of flat-door 6000-series cars heads down into the Milwaukee-Dearborn Subway from the Milwaukee Elevated on February 24, 1951, while the original Northwest branch elevated line to downtown (later called the Paulina Connector) looms overhead. Evergreen Junction, where the subway and elevated connected, was a few hundred feet to the left out of frame. The front sign on the car reads "Special" -- they were probably operating demonstration trips for the public since the subway didn't open for revenue service until the next day. (Photo by Henry M. Stange, courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson Archive)

ROW@EvergreenPortal02.jpg (282k)
A Congress-Milwaukee "A" train of 6000-series cars is seen emerging from Evergreen Portal, the north end of the Milwaukee-Dearborn Subway, from a vantage point up above on the Paulina Connector on July 15, 1960. The railing along the side of the elevated connector track is visible in the right lower foreground. (Photo by George Krambles, courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson Archive)

cta6206-05.jpg (157k)
Cars 6205-06 are parked in Wilson Yard, recently delivered from the St. Louis Car Company, in this 1954 view. Painted in their signature mercury green and croydon cream, with a swamp holly orange and dark green striped belt rail, unit 6205-06 was part of the first group of 6000s built with new carbody shells outfitted with components salvaged from PCC streetcars. Note the paddle-type third rail shoes on the trucks -- these were utilized because standard "L" gravity shoes could not be retrofit onto the Clark B-2 trucks from the Pullman-built PCC streetcars salvaged for use in these cars. (Photo from the CTA Collection)

UIC-halsted08.jpg (226k)
A week before the new line would open, the first test train -- a single two-car 6000-series unit -- is running on the Congress Line on June 14, 1958. The finishing touches are still being put on the stations and on the right-of-way as the test train passes Halsted station. The portals to the Dearborn Subway (and two unused portals, on the left) are visible in the distance. (Photo by George Krambles, courtesy of the Krambles-Peterson Archive)
cta6573.jpg (235k)
A 6000-series Milwaukee-Congress A train led by car 6573 stops at California on August 16, 1970. Note the old-style platform sign on the far left (the white background with the big "C"), as well as the original Met "L" railings. (Photo by Joe Testagrose)