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cta6111.jpg (96k)
Can't you just imagine the squeal of the flanges against the rail as 6111 runs around the loop at Desplaines Avenue? This undated view of a portion of the car brings to mind some interesting points about the first order of 6000s. In an effort to bring the per-car price under $40,000 (remember, we're talking 1950 Dollars!), CTA's engineers went to the married-pair concept, saving money on the additional couplers and control cabs that would have been required for double-ended cars. Next, the track brakes were eliminated for another cost savings. Of course, as is evident in this view (the track brake is visible under the trolley beam/shoe) it turned out that having the track brakes available was an operational as well as an engineering advantage, so they were added to cars early in their operating careers. (Photo from the Jeff Obarek collection)

cta6489.jpg (64k)
Car 6489 leads a six-car train on the Jackson Park-Howard "B" run in August 1966, passing Armitage southbound just before entering the subway. The "Baseball Today" sign was commonly hung on the front chains when games were being served, but it's hard to tell if the sign refers to a Cubs game at Wrigley or a Sox game at Comiskey; a "B" train would have served both Addison and Tech-35th! The 6489-6510 series cars were the last to receive Clark B-2 trucks, but the first to get GE motors, after their successful testing on the 6129-30 testbed units. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

cta6693-94.jpg (55k)
A 2-car train of 1959-built cars 6693-6694 emerges from the west side of the Lotus Tunnel, a half mile from the city limits, on its way to Desplaines in September, 1965. At Lotus, the Congress Line dives under the eastbound lanes of the Eisenhower Expressway, bringing the rapid transit tracks from the highway median to the CSX right-of-way immediately to the south. Note the third tunnel opening on the left: the Congress Line was designed to have express tracks that were never installed. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

cta6093.jpg (101k)
6093 leads a 6-car Ravenswood train rocking into Kimball terminal. (Photo by Michael Roegner)

cta6114.jpg (106k)
6114 on the head end of a southbound rush hour Ravenswood train taking the curve off Franklin street north of Merchandise Mart station. (Photo by Michael Roegner)

cta6101l.jpg (101k)
6101-6102 on the rear end of a southbound Ravenswood rush hour train at Merchandise Mart station on a hot summer day. (Photo by Michael Roegner)

cta6684.jpg (95k)
A Jackson Park train with 6684 on the rear end has left 35th Street station and is heading northbound up the roller-coaster South Side Main Line. (Photo by Michael Roegner)

cta6000s@Sheridan.jpg (107k)
The rear of a southbound Jackson Park train leaving Sheridan station on the North-South Route. (Photo by Michael Roegner)

cta6000s@Sheridan2.jpg (101k)
Actually a continuation of the Sheridan shot. The rear of a southbound Jackson Park train traveling at roof top level south of Sheridan station. (Photo by Michael Roegner)

cta6043-44.jpg (52k)
Cars 6043-6044, two of only 44 6000-series cars assigned to the line at the time, form a two-car southbound Ravenswood train crossing the North Branch of the Chicago River on the Ravenswood branch in October, 1965. The cars still wear the livery in which they were delivered 15 years earlier. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

(Thanks to Art Peterson for writing the first caption, with Glenn Andersen consulting!)