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cta6101-02.jpg (113k)
In the name of history and preservation, then-General Operations Manager Harold H. Geissenheimer led the restoration of cars 6101-6102 (unique for never having been retrofitted with moved headlights and roller signs and thus the only 1st version 6000 in its original appearance) in its mercury green, croydon cream and swamp holly orange scheme. By 1990, they were out of revenue service, but remained in work service as late as 1993, available for charter. They have since been obtained by the Fox River Trolley Museum, where they currently reside. On the occasion of his 75th Birthday, the cars were presented to ex-CTA president and transit historian George Krambles. The cars are seen here at the Rosemont Yard on March 18, 1990. (Photo by Art Peterson)

cta6500.jpg (56k)
Car 6500 picks up the rear on this 6000-series train climbing to the South Side "L" structure from the State Street Subway on May 25, 1986. (Photo by Leon Kay)

cta6717.jpg (114k)
A black and white shot of 6717 emerging from the 13th Street portal in 1985. (Photo by Leon Kay)

cta5-50scrap03.jpg (24k)
6000-series cars (at center) stored at the Skokie Shops in early 1999. It is one of several cars that had been originally sold to David Harrison in hopes of preserving them and perhaps someday operating them on the CTA as a 'living' museum exhibit. When negotiations fell through, the cars were sold back to the CTA. (Photo by David Harrison)

cta6000s@touhy.jpg (22k)
The 6000-series train used as the background for this web site! (Photo from CTA)

cta6351.jpg (64k)
Car 6351 emerges from the 13th Street portal on May 25, 1986. (Photo by Leon Kay)

cta6461.jpg (70k)
Car 6461 in its classic livery at the Illinois Railway Museum at Union, IL in 1998. (Photo by Kevin Forsyth)

cta6656.jpg (50k)
Profile view of car 6656 at IRM in its 1980s "Spirit of Chicago" livery in 1998. (Photo by Kevin Forsyth)

cta6655.jpg (64k)
A three-quarters view of cars 6655-6656 at IRM in its 1980s "Spirit of Chicago" livery in 1998. (Photo by Kevin Forsyth)

cta6720.jpg (59k)
Car 6719-6720 (renumbered S-476 when assigned to work service) stands covered in graffiti at the Skokie Shops in August 1999. Car 6720 (pictured) will most likely be scrapped, while its mate, 6719 (not pictured) will probably go to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. (Photo by Graham Garfield)