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3200-series Longitudinal Test Seating Car Gallery

cta3200s02.jpg (52k)
A southbound Orange Line train emerges from the canyon of former industrial buildings along the South Side elevated in the South Loop as it approaches Roosevelt/Wabash station on its way to Midway in the summer of 1999. (Photo by John F. Kuczaj)

cta3353.jpg (44k)
Car 3353 leads a Loop-bound Brown Line train pulling into Wellington station as a Red Line train led by car 2536 approaches to pass on the southbound express track on October 28, 1998. (Photo by James Raymond)

cta3270@Library.jpg (91k)
A Tale of Two 3200s: An Orange Line train with car 3270 at the rear pulls into the Library-State/Van Buren station, its first stop on the Loop, as a Brown Line train with car 3373 in the consist pulls out toward Tower 12 on January 7, 2002. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3308.jpg (126k)
Car 3308 leads a southbound Brown Line train pulling into Armitage station on December 28, 2001 as a Red Line train passes on track 2, looking north from Armitage Tower. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3298flags.jpg (108k)
Orange Line car 3298 displays its flag decal while stopping at Randolph/Wabash on January 15, 2002. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3208.jpg (150k)
A Brown Line train trailed by 3200-series car 3208 leaves the Loop to head north toward Kimball, crossing through Tower 18, on May 8, 2002. (Photo by Ernie Baudler)

cta3200s@Midway.jpg (83k)
A 3200-series train of "L"cars moves toward the terminal from the Midway yard and shop area on May 8, 2002. The platform at Midway station is below grade, behind the yard. (Photo by Ernie Baudler)

cta3200s@Midway2.jpg (97k)
A view from atop the pedestrian bridge overlooking the Midway terminal of the Orange Line on May 8, 2002. The train of 3200s on the left track is ready to head northwest to the Loop; the train on the right has just returned from the Loop. (Photo by Ernie Baudler)

cta3200s@Midway3.jpg (104k)
Two 3200-series cars stand side by side at the north end of Midway terminal, looking west on May 8, 2002. (Photo by Ernie Baudler)

cta3351.jpg (106k)
Car 3351, at the Midway station on the Orange Line, as viewed from the pedestrian bridge over the tracks on May 8, 2002. (Photo by Ernie Baudler)