Midway Yard looking north, with the shops on the left. April 18, 2003. For a larger view, click here. (Photo by Graham Garfield)


Midway Yard & Shops
56th Street and Kilpatrick Avenue, West Eldson

Service Notes:


Orange Line: Midway

Quick Facts:

Address: 5601 S. Kilpatrick Avenue
Established: 1993
Shop Area: 88,000 square feet
Yard Area: 806,676 square feet
Rebuilt: n/a
Status: In Use



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Midway Yard, looking north from the airport skybridge on October 25, 2002. The maintenance shops are in the distance on the far laft. For a larger view, click here. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

midway01.jpg (61k)
A view of the Midway Yard from the skywalk between the station and the airport, looking north on Sunday September 10, 2000. (Photo by Ernie Baudler)

midway02.jpg (225k)
Looking northwest at Midway Yard from a passing Orange Line train in March 2002, with eight-car train of Target ad cars in the foreground. (Photo by Robert Mencher)

midway04-cta3360.jpg (194k)

The Midway Shops are capable of doing more heavy overhaul work than most others on the system, besides Skokie Shops. As such, the Brown Line 3200-series cars are being cycled on and off the Orange Line ten at a time as both lines' units are put through their quarter-life "C" level rehab. Car 3360 is on Track A, which also has the shops' car washing unit (visible in the background) in Midway Shops, looking south on April 18, 2003. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

midway06.jpg (191k)

During the midday lull, the cars not needed after rush hour are parked in Midway Yard among those that make up the line's spare ratio. Looking north on April 18, 2003, an array of Orange Line trains are parked in the yard, with one set of the line's Target advertisement wrap cars on the right. (Photo by Graham Garfield)