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3200-series Longitudinal Test Seating Car Gallery

cta3206ericsson.jpg (194k)
The Sony Ericsson Brown Line ad wrap cars 3205-06 stop at Southport on August 26, 2002. The colorful cars, which advertise for the company's T68i mobile phone, feature a picture of the T68i and a collage of photos through the windows on a white background. Red Line cars 2777-2778 were also so wrapped. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3444.jpg (151k)
Car 3444 is on one end of a two-car Yellow Line train on Track 5 -- the turnback track for Skokie trains to change ends -- south of Howard station on December 6, 2001, looking east from the adjacent parking garage. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta3450.jpg (137k)
Skokie-bound Yellow Line run 591, led by car 3450, is crossing Crawford Avenue on January 25, 2002. The car is about the change from third rail to overhead catenary, but has not yet raised its pantographs. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta3447c.jpg (133k)
3200-series car 3447 brings up the rear of a Yellow Line that has just crossed Crawford Avenue on its way to Howard on January 25, 2002. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta3258_haunted.jpg (93k)
The CTA's Haunted "L"train pulls into the Randolph/Wabash Inner Loop station in October 2001, ready to pick up another group of riders looking for Halloween fun. The CTA and the Mayor's Office of Special Events team up each year to provide ghostly trips around the Loop on a train wrapped to look like a haunted mansion. Onboard performances are produced by a Chicago theatrical group. The cars used for the train are 3200-series units 3253-3254 and 3257-3258. (Photo by Tony Coppoletta)

cta3348target01.jpg (208k)
Target got a new 24-car ad wrap contract beginning on October 2002, with a new wrap design for the holiday season. The new ad wrap has a red backdrop and little white snow flakes and an urban skyline in the background, and people in red and white clothes with Target logos on them in the foreground. The Orange Line cars have commonly been operated as a solid consist of wrapped cars, unlike the other two lines, where the car have been freely mingled. Car 3348 is operated in just such a solid train stopping at Washington/Wells on November 26, 2002. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3207-SBC_YellowPages.jpg (136k)
SBC Ameritech wrapped two units, cars 3207-3208, on the Brown Line in late October 2002. The units are half yellow and half blue in color and advertise the Yellow Pages phone directory. Below the center side windows are a photo of the Yellow Pages phone book, and under each of the side windows on the ends are examples of directory categories and what pages they're found on. The cars are seen here at Library on December 20, 2002. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3455@Francisco.jpg (213k)
After the Ravenswood branch descends to ground-level west of Western Avenue, the character of the line changes. Running next to alleys, behind the backyards of people's homes, and across street at grade, the line perhaps resembles a suburban interurban line more than an urban rapid transit route. On May 2, 2003, car 3455 -- still bearing the pantograph roof boards from its former assignment to the Yellow Line -- leads a Brown Line train across Francisco Avenue's small commercial strip. (Photo by Tony Coppoletta)

ROW@Seminary01.jpg (193k)
After the Brown Line leaves the North Side Main Line and continues onto the Ravenswood branch on its way to Kimball, the character of the neighborhoods begins to change. Single family and duplex detached houses begin to join the apartment buildings behind which the elevated structures snake on its way northwest. Car 3216 brings up the rear of a Loop-bound Brown Line train near Seminary on April 18, 2003. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3431.jpg (190k)
Car 3431 is bringing up the rear of an eight-car train heading south out of Belmont station on April 29, 2003. Seeing a 3200 at Belmont isn't unusual, but seeing one on the Red Line sure is! Car 3431 was one of eight 3200s transferred from the Brown Line -- the more customary place to see a 3200, with over half of the M-K fleet assigned there -- to the Red Line on March 17, 2003 for testing purposes. All eight were returned to the Brown Line on May 19. (Photo by Graham Garfield)