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3200-series Longitudinal Test Seating Car Gallery

cta3392.jpg (191k)
Morrison-Knudsen 3200-series car 3392 trails a six-car Ravenswood train in 1995. The photo was taken during a brief interim period when the routes (and thus roller curtain signs) had adopted route colors, but some routes still ran A/B skip stop service. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3200sYard01.jpg (61k)
Rows of 3200-series trains, lined up in the Kimball Yard, looking south on August 10, 1998. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3401.jpg (71k)
Car 3401 picks up the rear on a Kimball-bound Brown Line train loading passengers at Francisco on August 10, 1998. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

old_navy.jpg (85k)
An ad train for the Old Navy clothing store chain heads westbound into the Francisco station on August 10, 1998. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3451.jpg (84k)
Car 3451, half of unit 3451-3452, prepares to head back south toward Howard in this photo looking southwest at the Dempster (Skokie) station on July 8, 1998. Note the raised pantograph. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3452.jpg (77k)
Car 3452 leads this Skokie Swift train, loading passengers at he Dempster (Skokie) terminal on July 8, 1998. The destination sign reads "Howard". Cars 3441-3456, identical in all other ways to cars 3201-3440, were delivered with pantographs, two per two-car unit, for the "Skokie Swift" Yellow Line; the front pantograph is visible on the roof, lowered, attached to the yellow roof board. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3437.jpg (67k)
A six-car 3200-series Brown Line train stops at Clark/Lake, led by car 3437, on February 26, 1999. (Photo by Sean Gash)

cta3385.jpg (68k)
Car 3385 brings up the rear of a four-car 3200-series Brown Line train, running southbound toward the Loop after having left the Western station on December 11, 1999. Cars 3385-3368 are ad cars, wrapped in the Old Navy clothing store advertising for their Performance Fleece line. (Photo by Sean Gash)

cta3408.jpg (71k)
This photo looks east at the Clark/Lake station on March 10, 1999. Car 3408 heads up a six-car Brown Line train headed for Kimball while 2826 brings up the rear of a six-car Purple Line Express train beginning its trip around the Loop before returning to Howard and Linden. (Photo by Sean Gash)

cta3442.jpg (84k)
Skokie Swift cars 3441-3442 arrive at Howard Street in December 1999. Here, passengers can transfer to the Red and Purple Lines. The Skokie-assigned 3200s, like those seen here, are equipped with trolley pantographs for overhead operation west of East Prairie Road. (Photo by Eric Zabelny)