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3200-series Longitudinal Test Seating Car Gallery

cta3426.jpg (176k)
Car 3426 bring up the rear of a Brown Line train of 3200-series cars heading to Kimball, departing Irving Park station on September 23, 2007. (Photo by Dennis Herbuth)
cta3208a.jpg (341k)
A 2-car train of 3200-series cars -- car 3208 leading its mate, 3207 -- is operating as a Purple Line shuttle, stopping at Main station on its way to Linden on August 7, 2007. The unit has "train king" exterior ads for ING Direct, a financial service. During 2007, a small number of 3200s was assigned to the Purple Line, probably to cover for the 2400-series life extension float wherein six to eight 2400-series cars from the Purple Line were at Skokie Shops at any given time for overhaul work. (Photo by Russell Sekeet)
cta3200s-Green.jpg (194k)
A train of 3200-series cars stops at Laramie on the Green Line on a snowy February 1, 2008. Note the "Express" destination sign and the sign on the chains identifying the train as a Green Line. The train is most likely, in fact, not running express, but using that setting because the cars did not have destination sign roller curtains with Green Line readings and "Express" was the only "generic" reading available (other than "Not in service"). The chain sign was provided for additional identification assistance. During increment weather, when more trains than usual might be out for maintenance due to snow- or cold-related defects, it is not uncommon for cars to be transferred between lines to help cover service. Unfortunately, if they do not have the right roller curtains, this can cause issues with setting destination signs. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta3200s@WellsBridge01.jpg (187k)
A Kimball-bound Brown Line train of 3200-series cars crosses the Wells Street Bridge over the Chicago River, passing by a picturesque view of the river and skyline to the west in 2009. In the background is The Residences at RiverBend, a high-rise development n Canal Street on the west side of the fork in the Chicago River, built in 2001-02. On the right is River North Point (formerly 350 West Mart Center and originally the Apparel Center), located at the apex of the fork in the river known as Wolf Point, built in 1976 and now housing the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper as evidenced by the sign on the exterior. (Photo by Dennis Herbuth)
cta3222.jpg (173k)
Car 3222 trails a 4-car Brown Line train on its way to the Loop, making it way up the ramp from the ground-level portion of the Ravenswood branch to the elevated segment, looking east in 2009. The train's next stop is Western station, visible in the distance. (Photo by Dennis Herbuth)
cta3241.jpg (230k)
A 4-car Orange Line train is making its circuit around the Loop on its way to Midway in 2009. Lead by car 3241, the train is heading north on Wells Street, passing Monroe Street. Quincy station is visible in the background. (Photo by Dennis Herbuth)
cta3444c.jpg (286k)
As the 3200-series cars are overhauled as part of their mid-life rehabilitation, their roller-curtain destination signs and run number boxes are being replaced with LED signs. With the cars' similar carbodies and fluting on the sides, the installation of LED signs makes the 3200s harder to tell apart from the newer 5000-series cars at a glance, though other differences are giveaways to the eagle-eyed trainspotter. Car 3444 -- which is trailing a Brown Line train at Harold Washington Library station on November 22, 2015 -- has another tell-tale sign that it is a 3200-series car, which are the roofboards and flip-down footholds next to the end door, remnants of the car's now-removed pantograph from previous assignment to the then-catenary-powered Yellow Line. (Photo by Stanley Garmon)
cta3332.jpg (320k)
Car 3332 leads an 8-car rush hour Brown Line train turning through the Lake-Wabash curve on the Loop Elevated and entering State/Lake station on January 7, 2016. Car 3332 has had its roller curtains replaced with LED destination signs, making their readings bright and legible even from a distance. Compare with the roller curtains still in place on other cars farther back in the train consist, around the curve. (Photo by Graham Garfield)