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3200-series Longitudinal Test Seating Car Gallery

cta3320comm.jpg (94k)
An interior close-up of the emergency communication system on the 3200-series cars. Note the red guard around the button, retrofitted onto the car about 8 years after delivery, that reduces the chance of a passenger accidentally leaning on it. (Photo by Ernie Baudler)

cta3320door.jpg (72k)
A view of the door controls inside the cab of car 3320 on the left side facing the #1 (front) end of the car. The cab was not in use at the time and the area was open for use as a passenger seat, as per normal operation. (Photo by Ernie Baudler)

cta3447.jpg (168k)
Car 3447, one of the 10 3200-series cars outfitted with pantographs to run on the Skokie Swift, prepares to lead run 596 from Howard station to Dempster terminal late one night in March 2002. (Photo by Robert Mencher)

cta3347b.jpg (180k)
Another view of Yellow Line car 3447 at Howard station about to leave on a late-night Skokie run in March 2002. (Photo by Robert Mencher)

cta3270.jpg (248k)
3200-series car 3270 leads a four-car Orange Line train on the Loop elevated as it pulls toward Clark/Lake station in March 2002. (Photo by Robert Mencher)

cta3317.jpg (224k)
Unit 3317-3318 is up on a hydraulic lift at Kimball Shops in March 2002 for an inspection, with the signs set to "Express" and the white-white markers that go along with it. (Photo by Robert Mencher)

cta3348.jpg (231k)
Orange Line car 3348, ad wrapped for the Target chain stores, is in the middle of a train preparing to leave for the Loop in March 2002. The graphics consist of Target logos and hula-hooping women. (Photo by Robert Mencher)

cta3348b.jpg (224k)
Another view of Target ad wrapped car 3348 at Midway in March 2002. Unlike the Target cars on the Red and Blue lines, the Orange Line kept their eight Target cars together in one eight car consist rather than spreading them randomly in different trains. (Photo by Robert Mencher)

cta3347.jpg (223k)
Car 3348's mate, 3347, is also wrapped for the Target stores, but instead of hula-hooping women has roller-skating men set on the red and white background and Target logos. 3347 is at Midway in March 2002. (Photo by Robert Mencher)

cta3240.jpg (141k)
Car 3240 was one of four 3200s from Midway Yard assigned to operate a Loop Shuttle train on Sunday, August 11, 2002 while the Outer Loop was closed on the Lake and Wabash sides for maintenance work. In service, the car ran with green "Loop" destination signs, white-green markers, and a large shuttle sign hanging on the front chains. It has just gone out of service here at Adams/Wabash around 1400 hours. (Photo by Graham Garfield)