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3200-series Longitudinal Test Seating Car Gallery

cta3393-94-AAcars.jpg (189k)
Two of the Orange Line's four American Airlines ad cars, unit 3393-94, are sitting in Midway Yard between runs on May 22, 2003, looking down from the airport parking garage. The car designs consist of quotes from people saying how much they flew on American for, along with their name and city of residence. Only one of the four cars assigned to each line actually says "American Airlines", however, so if the married-pairs are run separately, the American Airlines logo and tagline car is separated from two of the testimonials. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3443c.jpg (101k)
Car 3443 leads a two-car Yellow Line train dropping off passengers at the alighting platform at Skokie Terminal on July 2, 2003. This platform has no fare controls to speak of, since the line ends here and anyone boarding would be spotted by the operator when he switches ends. (Photo by Leon Kay)

cta3444b.jpg (100k)
After dropping off its riders, the train in the above photo, with mate 3444 bringing up the rear, pulls forward from the Skokie arrival platform and pauses at the pedestrian crossing before heading onto the turnaround track to change ends and pull onto the boarding platform on July 2, 2003. (Photo by Leon Kay)

cta3419-YellowBook.jpg (159k)
Yellow Book is advertising its phone directory on a simply-designed ad wrap, seen on 3419 at Washington/Wells on September 16, 2003, on cars on three lines. The design has a yellow background on the sides, with a photo of a Yellow Book directory on the left car and black lettering underneath the windows of both cars. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3341-target.jpg (197k)
Orange Line car 3341 sports the newest Target wrap as adapted to the fluted sides of a 3200, seen at Washington/Wells on August 14, 2003. The design has models in red and white clothes with Target logos on a red background. Just in time for Fall, the scene depicts a "wind-swept" theme, with the models appearing to struggle (joyfully, of course) against a hard wind while the clothes flap in the breeze. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3302-Nextel.jpg (167k)
Brown Line cars 3301-02 -- the latter is nearest the camera -- are one of three pairs to be wrapped for Nextel, seen leaving Southport on October 4, 2003. Overall, the cars have a solid yellow background with black lettering below the side windows. At least one side of the cars have the tagline "BE YOUR OWN ACTION FIGURE.", with the break between the married-pair landing between the words "ACTION" and "FIGURE". (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3258-Haunted2003.jpg (194k)
Car 3258 leads the 4-car Haunted "L" Train on the Inner Loop at Randolph/Wabash on October 4, 2003. The exterior wrap, which only covers the first of the four cars of the Haunted "L", has a spooky haunted castle theme, with "stone walls", the car side and end doors wrapped to look like heavy wooden doors, and jack-o'-lanterns, with the name of the train on the side in spooky green lettering. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3254-Haunted2003a.jpg (147k)
The three trailing cars on the Haunted "L" Train -- 3253-54 and 3257 -- have only "Rail King" car side decorations with the name of the train and spooky jack-o'-lanterns, seen on a media run passing Randolph/Wabash on October 4, 2003. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3254-Haunted2003b.jpg (174k)
Between the first and second trips for the media and invited guests on October 4, 2003, passengers disembark at Randolph/Wabash behind a partition to separate them from the regular passengers, assisted by a CTA supervisor, after enjoying a trip on the Haunted "L" Train. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3263-BlueLight.jpg (167k)
cta3316-BlueLight.jpg (157k)
To increase passenger safety, the CTA embarked on a project in early 2004 to retrofit its rail cars will a blue overhead light that calls out the location of the intercom in the passenger cabins of its rail cars. The lights are installed within existing fluorescent light fixtures along the length of the car interior, over the each side of the aisle and near the car card ad racks over the windows. A special tube has been installed that makes half of the tube blue (the half nearest the button), while the remainder of the tube still projects neutral white illumination, as seen here on cars 3263 on March 1, 2004 (left) and car 3316 on March 3, 2004 (right). (Photo by Graham Garfield)