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3200-series Longitudinal Test Seating Car Gallery

cta3354-DaVinciCode.jpg (222k)
One of four units wrapped to advertise the movie The Da Vinci Code, based on the popular best-selling book, cars 3354-53 are seen parked in Kimball Yard on June 4, 2006. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3438-Chipotle.jpg (183k)
Wrapped in a graphic to look like rumpled tin foil, not unlike on of their wrapped signature burritos, car 3438 is advertising the Chipotle Mexican food chain while bringing up the rear of a northbound Brown Line train at Merchandise Mart on June 30, 2006. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3311-WhiteSox02.jpg (176k)
The front end of car 3311, still wearing black and white pinstripes not unlike the White Sox players the cars are wrapped to commemorate, is seen on a charter at Ashland/63rd station on June 19, 2006. (Photo by William Davidson)

cta3312-WhiteSox02.jpg (175k)
White Sox World Series car 3312 is pulling back into the north pocket at Ashland/63rd terminal from the tail track west of the station during a charter trip on June 19, 2006. (Photo by William Davidson)

cta3311-WhiteSox03.jpg (205k)
Still wrapped to commemorate the White Sox's 2005 World Series win, after a tour around the rail system the cars have returned back to their regular assignment on the Brown Line, seen at the rear of a southbound train at dusk leaving Belmont on July 23, 2006. Ironically, this puts the cars in daily service through neighborhoods that are majority Cubs fans... (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3345-MotorolaQ.jpg (181k)
Car 3345, one of 10 cars wrapped to advertise the Motorola Q -- a mobile multimedia device that incorporates a cell phone, email and internet capabilities, and multimedia player -- is at the rear of a Brown Line train at Merchandise Mart on June 30, 2006. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta3252-TourTrain06.jpg (225k)
The Loop Tour Train, sponsored by the Chicago Departure of Cultural Affairs, returned again for the Summer of 2006 to provide free historical and architectural tours around the Loop Elevated. Seen here at Randolph/Wabash on July 15, 2006, that year's cars has a full-body wrap on 3252 with stylized drawings depicting various Chicago landmarks on king-size panels on the other three cars, 3251 and 3253-54. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta5011_3317.jpg (145k)
While being tested on various rail lines, the prototype 5000-series railcars made their way to the Brown Line. The train is laid over at Kimball Terminal on November 9, 2009, sitting on the side track to stay out of the way of revenue trains. Car 5011, at the south end of the train, provides an interesting contrast to car 3317, a car of the previous series. The 5000s and 3200s share a near-identical exterior car body. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta5008_3342.jpg (152k)
The three pockets at Kimball Terminal -- from right to left, tracks 1, 2, and 3 (side) -- provides panoramic view of the two latest series of CTA railcars on November 9, 2009. Tracks 1 and 2 having trains of 3200-series cars in Brown Line service, waiting for their next trips. Track 3 houses a train of prototype 5000-series railcars. Car 5008 is at the front end of the 5000, while car 3342 is nearest the camera on the center track. While the two series' car exteriors are virtually the same, this lineup allows for an examination of the subtle differences. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta5008_3421.jpg (155k)
Car 5008, one of eight cars in this train of prototype 5000-series cars, provides a contrast to car 3421, a car of its predecessor series, at Kimball on November 9, 2009. Note car 5008's destination sign reading of "BELMONT", used for Brown Line shuttles during early morning and late evening hours. (Photo by Graham Garfield)