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ctaS-374.jpg (141k)
One of two 4000-series cars at the Northern Ohio Railway Museum in Chippewa Lake, Ohio, S-374, which began life as car 4423 and was converted to a work car by CTA in 1972, is slated to be scrapped for parts. The trucks, air & control equipment is to be used to restore Lake Shore Electric car 42. This view of the car is on January 19, 2004. (Photo by Frank Hicks)

ctaS-347b.jpg (80k)
4000-series work car S-347 is seen in the yard at Skokie Shops in November, 1965 shortly after being converted from passenger unit 4323. Outwardly, the car has barely been changed at all from its days in revenue service, save for the service number painted under the CTA logo on the carside. (Photo by Jerry Applemen)

ctaS-349.jpg (86k)
Converted for work service in December 1965 from car 4318, S-349 is leading a work train passing Berwyn on the North Side Main Line in April 1967. Like most of the Plushie's converted to work service in the mid-1960s, S-349 was given sealed-beam marker lights, blocked-out windows, and a yellow paint job. At one time equipped with a snow plow, S-349 only saw a few years of work service, being retired in December 1972. (Photo by Jerry Applemen)

ctaS-601.jpg (110k)
Flatcar S-601 is laid up in 98th Yard on May 2, 2004 between uses. S-601, built by Itel in 1990, is usually assigned as a Skokie Yard supply car and has a carry capacity of 100,000 pounds. (Photo by Matthew Isoda)

cta2401-02_S-601_2409-10.jpg (158k)
Flatcar S-601 is carrying supplies, book-ended by 2400-series work motors 2401-02 and 2409-10, at 33rd Street on the Dan Ryan Line on September 28, 2004. (Photo by Matthew Isoda)

ctaS-718.jpg (167k)
S-718 os one of CTA's tie replacement cranes, specially made for handling ties safely and efficiently on open trestles. Manufactured by Kershaw Manufacturing, S-718 is working south of Armitage on July 22, 2004, rebuilding the stub track that was relocated to the south. (Photo by Matthew Isoda)

ctaS-332b.jpg (84k)
Chicago Transit Authority S-332, originally built by Jewett in 1906, was converted from ex-Northwestern car 1753 to work service in 1957. S-332 is parked in Lower 63rd Yard in April 1965. (Photo by Jerry Applemen)

ctaS-348b.jpg (88k)
CTA work motor S-348 -- formerly 4000-series passenger car 4324, converted for work service in 1965 -- is seen with a work train at 63rd Street lower yard in June, 1968. (Photo by Jerry Applemen)

ctaS-355b.jpg (85k)
When converted to work car service in December 1965, car 4315 was equipped with a snow plow to help clear the track in winter. Given the service car number S-355, it is seen in Harlem Yard in March, 1966. The plow blade itself is steel edged with two-ply rubber car flooring backed with canvas and fastened with carriage bolts, which makes the edge stiff enough to clean down to the running rails but safe to run along the third rail. (Photo by Jerry Applemen)

ctaS-520.jpg (141k)
Snowbroom S-520 is sitting in Howard Yard, at the far south end of Track 1S, on March 28, 2010. Built by Marmon Transmotive in 1982, the S-520 is one of several small Marmon snowbrooms CTA owns, but all are now in poor condition and are rarely, if ever, used. (Photo by Dennis Herbuth)