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ctaS-104c.jpg (133k)
S-104 pulls a freight consist, including several hopper cars belongs to the Nickel Plate Road, on the night of November 2, 1965, looking southwest from Berwyn station. The scene is typical of the freight service in the CTA era, as almost all freight moves were made at night, when Track 1 had no scheduled service and could be dedicated to bidirectional moves by the freight locomotives. A series of photos were taken by CTA staff photographers in late 1965 for a feature article in the company's employee magazine, Transit News. (CTA Photo)
ctaS-104d.jpg (136k)
Electric freight locomotive S-104 is seen inside Wilson Shop in February 1973, surrounded by 6000-series cars on the adjacent track and 4000s behind it on the same track. The unit is parked on Track 8, the easternmost track in the shop, during an inspection, probably one of the last it would undergo before the end of freight service a few months later. (Photo by Lou Gerard)
ctaS-104e.jpg (160k)
During the last month of freight service, locomotive S-104 is pulling two empty hopper cars on the freight lead in April 1973. The freight train has just passed over Montrose Avenue and is heading north on the elevated connection between Buena Yard and Track 1 at Wilson station, seen looking southwest, probably from Wilson Tower. (Photo by Lou Gerard)
ctaS-104f.jpg (173k)
Another view of S-104 at the north end of a freight consist with two empty Chesapeake and Ohio Railway hopper cars as the train travels along the elevated freight lead between Buena Yard and Wilson station, seen looking west in April 1973. The end of freight service is near, and the locomotive has seen better days. (Photo by Lou Gerard)
ctaS-104g.jpg (119k)
On the last day of CTA freight service, locomotive S-104 is seen shoving the last empty hoppers south down Track 1 back to Buena Yard, passing Berwyn station on April 30, 1973. This would be the last in-service freight run on the "L". (Photo by Lou Gerard)
ctaS-104h.jpg (133k)
Having returned to Buena Yard with the last shipment of empty hopper cars, CTA electric freight locomotive S-104 is spotting the cars to be picked up by the Milwaukee Road and returned to their home rails. The rainy, gloomy weather in this April 30, 1973 view looking south in the yard is befitting the end of a 53-year era in "L" history. (Photo by Lou Gerard)
ctaS-105h.jpg (153k)
Westinghouse-Baldwin electric locomotive S-105 is seen sitting in Buena Yard between runs some time in the 1940s, with its twin S-104 staged behind it. The lettering on the side of the locomotives has become somewhat simpler, saying only "RAPID TRANSIT" rather than the full name of the company -- "CHICAGO RAPID TRANSIT COMPANY" -- which they bore in the 1920s, after the CRT was created by the merging of the separate "L" companies. The two locomotives are, otherwise, still more or less in their original configuration at this point. (Photo by G.A. Kaush, Graham Garfield Collection)
ctaS-104i.jpg (108k)
In this dramatic night shot, locomotive S-104 is in Buena Yard, about to department from the yard and make the trip north against traffic on Track 1 to deliver a load to the Lill Coal Company, opposite Berwyn station, on December 14, 1965. (CTA Photo)
ctaS-104j.jpg (123k)
Due to their substantial weight -- about 100,000 pounds -- electric locomotive S-104 and its twin, S-105, were well-suited to snow clearance duty during the winter months when not needed for freight service. Here, S-104 is seen in Lower Wilson Yard with a snowplow attached to its front on February 1, 1939. The four-track North Side Main Line and the elevated Wilson Shops are visible in the background. (Photo by George Krambles, from the Krambles-Peterson Archive)
ctaS-104_S-105.jpg (127k)
Locomotives S-104 (right) and S-105 are parked in their usual storage spot during the later years of their service lives, on the inclined spur track leading to Hines Lumber along the west property line of Howard Yard. The two Westinghouse locomotives are seen in profile parked on the spur in March 1964. (Photo by Lou Gerard)