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CTA work locomotive S-343 is preserved in its previous incarnation, CSL/CTA locomotive L-202, at the Fox River Trolley Museum, seen here on August 7, 2001 (Photo by Mike Farrell)

Work motor S-373 was converted to a service unit from car 4411 in April 1972. After being retired from the CTA , the car found a new home at the Illinois Railway Museum, where it is seen on July 21, 1993. (Photo by David Schnell, Mike Farrell collection)

Service car S-373 is seen in Illinois Railway Museum Yard 8, along with (l to r) 5-50 series cars 30 (with pantograph) and 22, 2000-series car 2154 and 6000-series car 6461 on August 8, 2001. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

S-314 was built in 1907 by the Chicago City Railways and converted in 1953 into a flat car by CTA . Later, a crane was added to the flat bed. The Fox River Trolley Museum acquired the car in 1997, where it is seen on August 7, 2001 (Photo by Mike Farrell)


ctaS-330.jpg (49k)
Chicago Transit Authority line car S-330, which began its life as a Jewett-built Northwestern Elevated trailer in 1906, works on the overhead wire of the Evanston Line near Emerson Street in March, 1969. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

ctaL-201.jpg (87k)
L-201, like its sister L-202 (seen at the top of this page), was built for the surface lines to haul freight cars at low speed between railroad interchanges and CSL's South Shops and 39th/Halsted materials yard. Although it survived into the CTA era, it was never transferred to the rapid transit division (as L-202 was) and may have seen only limited service before being retired. (Collection of Joe Testagrose)

ctaS-104.jpg (153k)
Locomotive S-104 was built by Baldwin-Westinghouse in 1920 for the Northwestern Elevated to operate freight service on the North Side elevated, an operation inherited from the Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad. CTA inherited the car and continued to operate freight service with it, as required by contract, until 1973 when the car and its sister until S-105 were retired. S-104 is seen here at Asbury on May 27, 1973 during its last months before being decommissioned. (Photo by Art Peterson, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

ctaS-108.jpg (122k)
In August 1938, the CRT bought two piggyback flat cars from the North Shore Line and converted one of them into weed killer car S-108. In later years, CTA modernized the cab to it appearance as seen here in July 1966. In 1976, S-108 was renumbered S-2, given a Bicentennial paint scheme, and paired with rail grinder "Shhhicago" S-1 (Collection of Joe Testagrose)

ctaS-221.jpg (96k)
S-221 (II) was a snow plow car converted from an unknown car of the Metropolitan's 2858-2927 group. It was the second in a lineage of such equipment, replacing S-221 (I), another snow plow converted from Met motor 2752, in 1958. Seen here in August 1965, S-221 (II) was retired five months later. (Collection of Joe Testagrose)

ctaS-223.jpg (108k)
Self-propelled diesel crane S-223 was purchased new by CTA in 1950. Built by Industrial Brownhoist, it was equipped with railroad couplers giving it the capability to spot freight carloads of supplies for unloading. It was still in active service at the Lower 63rd Street materials yard on October 4, 1972. (Photo by Steve Zabel, Collection of Joe Testagrose)