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S-218 and S-219 were two of the cars rebuilt as snowplows from the 2858-2927 series Metropolitan cars. (Photo by Roy G. Benedict)

2400-series work-capable motor car 2420 leads a six-car Green Line train bound for Oak Park on April 3, 1998 as the consist approaches the Adams/Wabash station. (Photo by Sean Gash)

Work motor 2401-2402 is in the Skokie Shops yard in August 1999. The cars are easily differentiated from the normal 2400-series brothers by the red and white candy striping on the ends and the red-white-red reflective stripe on the sides below the window line. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

In later years, many 4000-series cars were converted to work cars. Seen here is Bald Eagle work motor S-360 MUed with S-359 and a weed sprayer in 1974 on the Congress branch. (Photo by Leon Kay)

Car 4358 emerged in June, 1972 as work car S-1 "Shhhicago", a rail grinding car. Painted in a distinctive red scheme, S-1 provided for the first time the capability to conduct rail grinding operations at speed thus allowing the car to operate at any time of the day without interfering with regular operations. (Photo by Walter R. Keevil)

On May 27, 1976, S-1 emerged from Skokie Shops re-equipped to work with 6000-series cars, relivered in the Bicentennial paint scheme, and paired with S-2, formally weed killer S-108. (Photo from the CTA)

S-219 has always been a snowplow car, but there have actually been more than one. The first S-219 was a Metropolitan Division service car built in 1930 from CRT car 2726. This car survived into the CTA era, but was scrapped. A replacement S-219 was converted from an unknown car of the 2858-2927 series by CTA in October 1957, entering service the next year. That car, seen at left in the 54th Avenue Yard in October 1963, was retired in January 1966. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

S-300 started life as South Side flat car S-6, built by the company shops in 1898. Between 1941 and 1947, the CRT rebuilt the car with a motorized hand derrick and renamed it S-300 (replacing Lake Street derrick car S-300, scrapped at the same time). Seen here in the Logan Square Yard in May 1964, the car was still in use by the CTA in 1972, but may have been retired shortly after. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

Locomotive S-343 (former CSL L-202) is seen here in the Lower 63rd Yard in June 1966. Interestingly, during its seventy-plus years of service, it has operated on street, surface, and elevated tracks, collected power by third rail and overhead wire, and has served in interchange and work service. Quite a varied career! (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

This piece of work equipment started out in 1910 as McGuire-built dump car Chicago Railways 2, changed to CSL N2 in 1915. The unit was rebuilt in 1946 to CSL Derrick X4 (subsequently CTA X4). The crane was transferred to the rapid transit division in June 1958 and renumbered S-344, but its career here was short-lived as it proved unsuitable for "L" service. It was sold in 1963 to the Electric Railway Historical Society, which leased it to the Illinois Railway Museum in 1967 (and sold it in 1973), where it is now preserved as CSL X-4. It is seen here on May 12, 1968 on the IRM main line in Union, Illinois. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)