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S-411(ex-6411) awaits scrapping on August 7, 1982 after a heater fire heavily damaged the interior. (Photo by Peter Vesic)

The new S-411 (ex-6159) leads a ballast train in middle track near Pulaski /Lake on August 15, 1986. The other cars are S-412 (ex-6412), ballast car S-3??, 6705-6706, and 6497-6498. (Photo by Peter Vesic)

Car 6174 was scrapped in December 1978 in-house by the CTA . Cars started to be bid out for scrap shortly thereafter. One of CTA's Orton diesel cranes, S-363, is stripping down the car on this snowy winter day. (Photo by Peter Vesic)

S-425 leads a 6-car train of a IRM Snowflake Special on April 6, 1986 at the Ashland/63rd tail track. The other cars are S-426, 6352-6351, and 6500-6499. Although most 6000s that entered work service retained the paint scheme in which they were retired in (and simply had their work number stenciled on), some like S-425 were repainted in the yellow that was standard for work equipment. Note the double headlights above the door, red markers, and warning beacon. (Photo by Peter Vesic)

Service car S-343 started its life as locomotive C-50 (later L-202) for the Chicago Surface Lines, built in 1908. The car was transferred to the rapid transit division of the CTA circa 1957 and received an extensive rebuilding in June 1958. S-343 is seen here inside the White House inspection shop in the 61st Yard on November 10, 1978. (Photo by Peter Vesic)

Service locomotive L-202 was renumbered S-343 circa 1959. A fire in the Lower 63rd Yard in October 1978 nearly destroyed S-343, as can be seen by the damage evident in the photo. It is seen here inside the White House inspection shop in the 61st Yard on November 10, 1978 shortly after a fire in the Lower 63rd Yard. S-343 is now at the Fox River Trolley Museum, where it has been stored to its CTA/L-202 appearance circa 1957. (Photo by Peter Vesic)

ctaL-202.jpg (101k)
Restored to the way it looked circa 1958 -- after being reassigned from the surface division to the rapid transit, but before being renumbered S-343 -- locomotive L-202 is at the Fox River Trolley Museum on July 3, 2000. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

ctaS-328.jpg (49k)
CTA work car S-328 -- built by American Car & Foundry in 1907 as Northwestern Elevated trailer 1283, motorized and renumbered to 1792 in 1914 by the CER -- was converted for work service and renumbered in 1958. The old wooden car is seen here at Des Plaines Yard at the end of the Congress Line on October 12, 1968. The car is on the remaining stub of the track that was built but never used to reconnect the CTA with the CA&E interurban. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)

Flat car S-309 started its career for the Chicago City Railway streetcar system in 1908 as C30, becoming CSL work car W223 in 1959. The CTA converted it to a flat car in December 1952 and entered service as S-309 in 1953. It is now at the Illinois Railway Museum, seen here on August 8, 2001. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

With weed spraying equipment on its bed, flat car S-612 is in work service with 2600-series work-capable motors passing Adams/Wabash on August 10, 2001. (Photo by Mike Farrell)