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ctaS-358b.jpg (127k)
Work motor S-358, formally passenger car 4430, is waiting in Lower 63rd Yard between assignments on October 4, 1972. (Photo by Steve Zabel, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

ctaS-359.jpg (120k)
Baldie car 4138 was one of only five of the center-door 4067-class 4000-series cars to be assigned to work service. Due to subway and canopy clearances, bald-roof cars were needed to service the Kennedy Line, making the already-converted Baldie work motors ideal for this duty when it arose. 4138 became S-359, seen in Lower 63rd Yard with another baldie work motor (probably S-360) on July 4, 1971. (Photo by Joe Testagrose)

ctaS-368.jpg (109k)
S-368 was one of another batch of 4000s converted for work service in 1972; seven cars were converted that year in all. S-368 is in the 63rd Materials Yard on October 4, 1972. (Photo by Steve Zabel, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

ctaS-368b.jpg (106k)
Ex-4386, renumbered S-368 in work service, had been a work motor for only four months when it was seen in the 63rd Street Yard on August 6, 1972. (Photo by Bruno Berzins, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

ctaS-370.jpg (110k)
Work motor S-370, formally car 4393, is among its 4000-series work car brethren in 63rd Yard on August 6, 1972. (Photo by Bruno Berzins, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

ctaS-606.jpg (131k)
Line car S-606 started its life as a North Shore Line work car built by Cincinnati Car Company in 1923. CTA bought the car from NSL when it abandoned service in 1963. Despite a complete rebuilding, CTA craftsmen retained the architectural lines of the car's interurban heritage. It is outside Skokie Shops on August 20, 1970; newly delivered 2200s are in the background on the right. (Photo by Joe Testagrose)

ctaW-205.jpg (104k)
W-205 was a two-cab, double-truck Chicago City Railways work motor built in 1907 by the CCRy shops. Under the Chicago Surface Lines numbering scheme, the W-class work cars were construction cars, used to haul materials to construction sites (as evidenced by the flat bed and removable sides). Three of CSL's W-class cars were transferred to the rapid transit division of CTA in 1952-54, but W-205 was not one of them. Most likely, it was simply decommissioned by CTA in the 1950s when streetcar lines were dismantled. (Collection of Joe Testagrose)

ctaWork01.jpg (136k)
A work train of two wooden work motors -- one of them an 1809-1815 class wood motor car modernized by CTA in 1950 -- haul a small hand car on the South Side Elevated on June 30, 1960. (Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta4175b.jpg (132k)
Car 4175 is one of only four "Baldy" 4000s surviving, and is currently stored at the Connecticut Trolley Museum in Warehouse Point, Connecticut, seen here with its yellow exterior from its days as work car S-360 in poor condition on July 30, 2000. Visible beyond car 4175 is North Shore car 162. (Photo by Frank Hicks)

ctaS-1.jpg (32k)
Work car S-1, a rail grinding train, was originally 4000-series car 4358. The car was "demotored" and converted in June 1972 and in 1976 was equipped to operate with 6000-series work motors (as it is paired with 6159 here) and paired with S-2 (seen to the left), a former weed killing car. (Photo by James Raymond)