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cta22TestTrain3.jpg (97k)

The PCC testing/crew training train for Ali leaves Kimball Terminal and snakes its way through Kimball Yard with car 22 on the rear, looking south on March 5, 2001. (Video and capture by David Harrison)

cta22TestTrain4.jpg (85k)

Far from the corn fields of McHenry County, the IRM PCCs -- led by 22, trailed by 6655-6656 -- come around the bend west of Sheridan station going southbound on the North Side Main Line on March 5, 2001. (Video and capture by David Harrison)

cta22TestTrain5.jpg (86k)

On a crew testing run for the filming of the movie Ali later in the month, car 22 breezes northbound through Chicago on March 5, 2001. (Video and capture by David Harrison)

cta28c.jpg (172k)

Car 28 sits in front of the Quonset Hut at the Appleton Trolley Museum, which houses cars 846 and 978. The current paint job was enhanced by graffiti 2 years ago but has since been painted over, they need help to restore 28 to its 1960-vintage car looks. (Photo by Patrick Schaeffer-Wicke)


Car 22 leads a IRM charter train as it snakes its way through Howard Yard, looking north on the overhead transfer bridge on May 6, 2001. (Photo by Mike Farrell)


Bearing an Evanston Shuttle destination sign, car 22 brings up the rear of a three-car IRM charter train of PCCs at North/Clybourn on May 6, 2001. (Photo by Mike Farrell)


1-50 series car 22 stops at the old Garfield station while on a IRM fantrip, looking south on May 6, 2001. (Photo by Mike Farrell)


One of three such cars preserved there, PCC single-unit car 30, with its later-installed pantograph rather than a trolley pole, sits at the Illinois Railway Museum on April 1, 2001. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta43d.jpg (38k)

Bathing in the twilight, car 43 has been laid up for the night at the Fox River Trolley Museum on May 1, 2001. The museum has two such cars, although only 43 has trolley poles and is currently in use. (Photo by Mike Farrell)


One of many 1-50 series car preserved at museums around the country, car 44 is at the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis, Missouri, seen here on May 27, 2001. At the time of the photo, the car is still undergoing restoration: it has only one pole and is operable from only one end, though it can be run in either direction. (Photo by Mike Farrell)