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cta35.jpg (111k)

This Ravenswood "B" train is lead by car 35 and another 1-50 series car, followed by two 6000-series pairs, stopping at Merchandise Mart on July 7, 1971. (Photo by Doug Grotjahn, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta38.jpg (147k)

Car 38, trailing a 6000-series train on the Ravenswood "A" run bound for Kimball, pulls through the crossing and into the Francisco station on August 20, 1970. The small neighborhood station is visible on the left, with an old-style sign identifying the building above the door. (Photo by Joe Testagrose)

cta39c.jpg (104k)

Car 39 leads this four-car northbound Evanston Express train at Howard, followed by another 1-50 and a 6000 pair, on October 10, 1972. (Photo by Steve Zabel, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta39e.jpg (142k)

Car 39 trails cars 50 and 42 - in the unusual first-version red/white/blue belt rail scheme with "wide" stripes - on a fan trip passing Armitage on May 28, 1978. 39's double trolley poles are for sleet cutting. (Photo by Ed McKernen, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta39f.jpg (154k)

Car 39 once again is on a train of like-painted 1-50s - this time leading - at Chicago station on May 28, 1978. Although the front destination sign reads "Ravenswood 'A'", is may be still actually still be on the same fan trip as above (note that the side destination sign reads "Chartered"). (Photo by Ed McKernen, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta40c.jpg (128k)

Car 40, still dressed up as the "Concord" two years after the Bicentennial, stops at Howard after completing a run on the Evanston Shuttle on August 14, 1978. On the next track is 6000-series car 6430. Note that the colored-coded A/B signs have been installed here; later versions at Howard placed the address coordinates over each other instead of next to each other on the station name signs. (Photo by Doug Grotjahn, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta42.jpg (139k)

The three-car fan trip pictured above, made up of 1-50 cars 39, 50, and (trailing here) 42 in the rare "wide-stripe" red, white, and blue belt rail scheme, pulls through Chicago on May 28, 1978. (Photo by Ed McKernen, Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta44.jpg (105k)

On August 6, 1972, some 1-50 and 6000-series cars were taken down from the Lake Street Line into Hamlin Yard. Car 44 was uncoupled and taken onto the dormant Hamlin-West Shops connector track, seen here, for pictures. The Lake Street "L" is seen in the background. (Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta46.jpg (141k)

A southbound Evanston Shuttle, run by lone car 46, stops at Isabella on July 4, 1971. (Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta49b.jpg (129k)

Car 49 leads a two-car southbound Evanston Express train of 1-50s stopping at Main Street on October 21, 1968. Note the station sign behind the train, which is black letters on a white background. Most pre-CTA signs were white letters on a dark blue background, although several of these types were used as well. (Photo by Doug Grotjahn, Collection of Joe Testagrose)