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VIPs pose with a 1-50 series car on the inaugural day of the Skokie Swift Line on April 18, 1964. Note the pan trolleies on the cars. (Photo from the Chicago Transit Authority Collection)

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A single-unit 1-50 series car is seen in December, 1972 climbing out of Isabella station toward the North Shore Channel bridge. (Photo by Leon Kay)


A color photo taken in January 1968 at Howard St. of 24, which was only one of two Skokie-equipped 1-50's to get a pantograph instead of a pan-trolley. (The other was car 4. Car 24's pantograph came from 4, so 24 was unique at the time of the photo.) (Photo by Leon Kay)


A shot of 29 at Dempster (Skokie) in 1974 going through the crossovers. (Photo by Leon Kay)


1-50 series PCC car 45 was bought to and is being restored for operation at the The East Troy Electric Railroad Museum. It had been recently delivered to the Wisconsin museum in this Winter 1998 picture, still livered in its 1985 "Spirit of Chicago" scheme. (Photo courtesy of the The East Troy Electric Railroad Museum)


Several 1-50 series cars in their 1985 livery stored at the Skokie Shops in early 1999. David Harrison had bought cars 22, 33 and 35 (along with 6719-6720 and others) from the CTA, but the deal fell through. Car 22 is going to IRM. (Photo by David Harrison)


Car 28, in its original livery, speeds along on the Evanston Line near Greenleaf Street in 1966. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)


Single-unit PCC car 28 by itself northbound at Isabella in December, 1972. (Photo by Leon Kay)


Cars 41 and 42, pictured at Damen/Milwaukee on June 26, 1960, display the final variation of the above paint scheme, with a green roof, no standee window stripe, the forest green borders eliminated and the final CTA shield logo. The cars are equipped with trolley poles for use on the Evanston Line. (Photo by Raymond DeGroote)


This a strange picture of two 1-50 series cars and an old 2200-series "L" car at Skokie Shops awaiting to be shipped off to the scrap yards on 1/15/99. (Photo by Eric Zabelny)