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Cars 42, 50 and 39 are on a CERA trip pull into Howard on May 28, 1978. (For another photo of this fantrip, check out 1-50 Series Gallery 3!) (Photo by Peter Vesic)


On the right, experimental 1-50 series car 4 sits in the Skokie Shops yard and waits to be scrapped on December 8, 1979. On the left, car 2130 also waits to be scrapped after an accident at Harlem Yard. (Photo by Peter Vesic)


In November 1977, line car S-606 caught fire in the Skokie Shops yard. As a result, car 2315 was destroyed and car 50, seen here on December 1, 1977, was damaged by the flames. (Photo by Peter Vesic)


Car 49 brings up the rear of a southbound Evanston Express preparing to leave Belmont. This picture was taken in December of 1992. (Photo by Roberto Ayala)


Inside view showing the cab, doors, and interior end of car 49. The car was operating as an Evanston Express at the time, somewhere north of Belmont when the photo was taken. The photo dates from 1992 or 1993. (Photo by Roberto Ayala)


Another view of the inside of car 49. Notice the ad in the upper left regarding Lawsuit Abuse. At the time, many transit agencies across the country were facing costly, but mainly frivolous lawsuits by those trying to make a quick buck off the agencies. Also note that the system map is in the ad space, to the left of the doors, since there's no space over the doors for it, as in later cars. A rider alert sign is taped to an ad panel over the standee windows. (Photo by Roberto Ayala)


Looking south from Oakton Street, we see (from left to right) cars 65, 39, 2341, and 14 at the Skokie Shops in January of 1999. The 5-50s (and one 61-65) have been retired and are awaiting the scrapper. The 2200-series car has been damaged and needs repairs. (Photo by Eric Zabelny)


Car 41 is seen here at the 50th Avenue Station at the Illinois Railway Museum in April of 1999. The car is displaying the destination sign of a Ravenswood "B" train, post-1992 (as indicated by the Brown background of the sign). It is interesting to compare car 41 here, as it looked when it was retired, with this photo, when it was less than a year old in 1960. (Photo by Eric Zabelny)


Lined up on the yard tracks with its retired brothers, car 26 is seen here at the Skokie Shops in January of 1999. (Photo by Eric Zabelny)


Cars 14, 36, and 6719-6720 are seen here lined up at Skokie Shops in January of 1999. The two 5-50 series cars met their end in the junk yard; car 6719 will see a second life (of a limited sort) as part of an exhibit at the Smithsonian in Washington DC; car 6720's fate is still undecided. (Photo by Eric Zabelny)