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cta50.jpg (126k)

Two 1-50 series cars - one of which is car 50 - await passengers at Linden on August 3, 1974. Each is assigned to a different Evanston route, the one on the left to the Express and the other to the Shuttle. The entrance to the station house can be seen at the end of the platform. (Collection of Joe Testagrose)

cta22union.jpg (65k)

Car 22, on its way to the Illinois Railway Museum, turns from Main Street to Jefferson Street in downtown Union, IL on May 10, 2000. (Photo by Peter Vesic)

cta35b.jpg (86k)

Car 35 leads a 7-car train of 5-50s on an IRM fantrip past the Diversey Ravenswood station in April of 1997. Car 35 went to East Troy in June of 2000. (Photo by Eric Zabelny)

cta22f.jpg (44k)

1-50 series car 22 is being delivered fresh from the St. Louis Car Company to Skokie Shops in this black & white view on July 22, 1959. (Photo from the Illinois Railway Museum Collection, Courtesy of Peter Vesic)

cta22g.jpg (101k)

Car 22, signed for the Evanston Shuttle, is trained with like-class 1-50 series cars at the Illinois Railway Museum on September 24, 2000. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta30.jpg (117k)

Setting it apart from the other 5-50s at the Illinois Railway Museum, car 30 bears the pantographs with which it was retired. Sections of the overhead wire at IRM had to be modified to accommodate the pantographs, which often puts more pressure on the wire than a trolley pole wheel. Car 30 is parked at the 50th Avenue station at IRM with the museum's other two 5-50s on September 24, 2000. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta41b.jpg (108k)

Car 41 displays the destination signs of the Evanston Line and the modified Spirit of Chicago logos of the Skokie Swift, where the unit last served in regular revenue service, at the Illinois Railway Museum on September 24, 2000. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta43b.jpg (98k)

One of the Fox River Trolley Museum's two 5-50s, car 43 stands at the permanent high level platform ready to make to trip to Coleman Grove on July 3, 2000. Because trolley catchers have not yet been reinstalled, the rope connected to the trolley pole is often unwieldy and difficult to secure, as can be seen here. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

cta22TestTrain1.jpg (88k)

Car 22 leads a three-car train of IRM PCCs northbound through Chicago station on March 5, 2001 on a crew training and car testing run. The cars were returned to the "L" in February for the filming of the Will Smith movie Ali. (Video and capture by David Harrison)

cta22TestTrain2.jpg (82k)

Rounding the curve south of Irving Park into Sheridan station, the three-car 6000/5-50 IRM crew training train heads southbound on the North Side main line on March 5, 2001. (Video and capture by David Harrison)