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Car 35 sits trainlined with another 5-50 series car at the East Troy Electric Railroad Museum on September 22, 2001. The "Base Ball Today" sign on the front chains is not authentic, but is a hand-painted reproduction of a similar sign carried in the 1960 and 1970s. (Photo by Mike Farrell)


5-50 series car 40 sits at the Fox River Trolley Museum on August 7, 2001. Car 40 is one of two 5-50s at FRTM, but only car 43 has poles and operates, while 40 awaits pole installation. Although its exterior appearance is a bit rougher than car 43's, with paint on the roof and sides fading and peeling and a bit of rusting, car 40 is in good condition mechanically. (Photo by Mike Farrell)


Car 43, one of the museum's newest cars, sits between runs in front of the Castlemuir Depot at the Fox River Trolley Museum on August 7, 2001. (Photo by Mike Farrell)


Car 45, coupled to sister 5-50 series car 35, sits outside the car barn at the East Troy Electric Railroad Museum on September 22, 2001. (Photo by Mike Farrell)

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1-50 series car 2, built by St. Louis Car Company in 1960, is at Dempster Street awaiting the start of free demonstration rides on the Skokie Swift on April 18, 1964, two days before the official inauguration of service. Cars 1 to 4, experimental high performance units capable of speeds up to 70 mph, were chosen to operate Swift service due to their superior performance and ability to be operate by a single crewman. (Photo by Jerry Appleman)


A single 1-50 series unit, assigned to Evanston shuttle service, is on track 3 at Howard station circa the late 1960s, ready to leave for the trip north. Although the Evanston Line ran mostly off overhead wire, the poles are tied down because the changeover won't be made until South Boulevard. (Photo from the Mike Farrell Collection)

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Car 30, still fresh from its rehab just a couple years earlier, is loading passengers at Dempster Terminal at the end of the Skokie Swift in July 1988. Car 30 remained in service after many of the other 5-50s were retired circa 1993 and made one of the last 5-50 revenue trips on the Yellow Line (Skokie Swift) in early 1998. (Photo by James Raymond)

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Car 16, sitting idle at Linden terminal at the north end of the Evanston Line in July 1988, was one of 30 5-50 series cars assigned to that line in the summer of '88. They were often used in shuttle service when loads were light, but also often found their way on express runs. (Photo by James Raymond)

cta1-50s_6000s.jpg (48k)

This Evanston Express train, entering the Lake leg of the Loop through Tower 18, is diverse in both stock and aesthetics: a 5-50 series car leads at least two 6000s as it begins its circuit around the Loop before returning to Evanston in July 1988. (Photo by James Raymond)

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5-50 series car 44 is sitting on the storage tracks west of the inspection shop, along the Eisenhower Expressway in Desplaines Yard on May 6, 1996, looking south in Concordia Cemetery. Car 44 was largely retired by this time, but saw occasional service on the Blue Line until 1998. (Photo by James Raymond)