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cta5055b.jpg (232k)
The 5000-series railcars made their first official revenue service passenger trip -- post-testing, in regular service -- the afternoon of November 8, 2011. The cars were first used on Run 311, which departed 54th/Cermak terminal at 1452 hours en route to the Loop, and is seen here inbound at Clinton station about 20 minutes later. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta5055c.jpg (190k)
A 4-car Pink Line train of 5000-series railcars, led by car 5055, is on its way back to 54th/Cermak, completing its first post-testing in-service passenger trip on November 8, 2011. The train is stopped at historic Ashland station on what turned out to be a rainy, dreary day for the cars' official revenue service debut. Note the Customer Assistant with the yellow "gap filler" ramp next to the train, about to assist a customer in a wheelchair off the train. (Photo by Graham Garfield)

cta5052.jpg (250k)
The interior of 5000-series car 5052 is seen on May 11, 2012, as it travels toward Tower 18 preparing to leave the Loop on its way to 54th/Cermak. The overhead straps and stanchions for standees go unused during this midday trip when ridership is relatively light. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta5056_5058.jpg (245k)
Chicago's newest cars at its newest "L" station: A pair of Pink Line 5000s -- car 5056 leading a Loop-bound train and car 5058 trailing a 54th-bound train -- meet at the new Morgan station, looking west on May 18, 2012, Morgan's opening day. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta5117a.jpg (287k)
Car 5117 leads a 6-car Pink Line train pulling into Clinton station on its way to the Loop on July 18, 2012. One of the first cars to sport a color LED destination sign, the train's identity is clearly visible even from a distance. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta5117b.jpg (291k)
The new color LED front and side destination signs brightly identify car 5117's route and destination in this view at Clinton on July 18, 2012. Cars 5117-18 was the second 5000-series unit to roll off the assembly line and be placed in passenger service with color destination signs, replacing the amber LED signs on the cars numbered lower than 5115. The new signs closely approximate the graphics on the mylar roller curtains on the older "L" cars. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta5117c.jpg (309k)
Run 301 is led by car 5117, stopping at Clinton on its way to the Loop on July 18, 2012. Car 5117 and its mate 5118, along with the third and four cars in the train -- 5115-5116 -- have color LED destination signs, the first 5000-series cars to be so equipped. The last two cars in the train -- 5089-5090 -- have the amber LED signs of the first 114 5000-series cars. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta5082.jpg (247k)
Car 5082 leads a 4-car Green Line train to Cottage Grove, stopping at Clark/Lake on September 24, 2012. The lead unit has the amber LED destination signs that the first 5000s were delivered with. Note that, on the amber LED signs, "Cottage Grove" is in all-caps and on two lines on the front destination sign, but in title-case and one line (like on the screen-printed mylar curtains of the older cars) on the side signs. The front car sports the white-green marker lights of Cottage Grove trains. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta5092.jpg (240k)
A train of 95th-bound 5000-series cars heads south on Track 1, seen near Chase Avenue on the North Side Main Line on November 17, 2012. The train is trailed by car 5092, which sports the color LED destination signs that 5000s began to arrive with eight months after they first entered regular service. The local Red Line train is on Track 1, normally the southbound express track, because Track 2 (its normal track) was closed and a reroute in effect for construction as part of the Red North Station Interim Improvements Project. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta5136.jpg (220k)
A 4-car train of 5000-series cars, led by car 5136, is at 35th/Archer as part of a CERA fantrip on November 18, 2012. After performing a "photo run-by" of the station, the train is posed at the station for charter attendees to take additional photos and begin reboarding the train. The train is sporting a Purple Line Shuttle "Howard" sign for the pleasure of the railfans and for make photos for interesting. (Photo by Graham Garfield)