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cta5713-14a.jpg (216k)
5000-series cars 5713 and 5714, the last cars of the series to be delivered to CTA from their manufacturer, Bombardier, pause together on their trailers on the access road around Skokie Shops on their way around to the yard behind the facility, on September 2, 2015. The cars were held at Skokie Shop and not trucked to Lower 63rd Yard to be placed in service, like the proceeding final few dozen cars. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta5713-14b.jpg (217k)
The last 5000-series cars delivered to CTA, cars 5713 and 5714, sit next to one another just after having come onto CTA property on September 2, 2015. The next day the cars would be unloaded, mated, and begin the battery of test every 5000-series car went through before being formally accepted by CTA from Bombardier. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta5712-5714.jpg (218k)
5000-series car 5714 sits atop the trailer it was just delivered on, while car 5712, also recently delivered, undergoes acceptance tests on September 2, 2015. The two men standard in front of the truck are the drivers who drove the last two 5000s from the Bombardier plant in Plattsburgh, NY to Skokie Shops and delivered them. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta5712b.jpg (209k)
Car 5712 is undergoing part of its battery of acceptance tests outside Skokie Shop on September 2, 2015. This particular test appears to involve the cars' LED signs -- the cars cycled through destination signs of a solid field of each of the eight line colors (no text), then displayed the test-pattern-like display shown, which includes all the line colors, plus fields of just red, green and blue (RGB), the typical additive color system used to produce a broad array of colors on digital screens. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta5711a.jpg (312k)
Making its way southbound down State Street on the back of a flatbed truck, 5000-series car 5711 is seen on September 15, 2015 on its way to 63rd Yard. (Photo by David Harrison)
cta5711b.jpg (161k)
5000-series car 5711 is making the wide turn from East 63rd Street into 63rd Lower Yard on September 15, 2015. Once inside the car would be unloaded, and then await the delivery of its mate, pictured below. The ramp from the Lower Yard to the East 63rd branch elevated track is visible in the background. (Photo by David Harrison)
cta5712.jpg (211k)
Car 5712 is travelling down South State Street on September 16, 2015, being transported from Skokie Shops to Lower 63rd Yard so that it can be placed in service -- during this period Skokie Shops was cut off from the rest of the "L" system due to an embankment collapse on the Yellow Line. Note how low to the ground the trailer 5712 is on -- known as a "low-boy" trailer, it helps the car make vertical clearances such as under bridges and viaducts. (Photo by David Harrison)
cta5714a.jpg (235k)
Car 5714, and its mate 5713 -- the final 5000-series cars to be manufactured and delivered -- was placed in service on October 30, 2015, used as the ceremonial train carrying dignitaries for the reopening of the Yellow Line after its embankment just east of Skokie Shop was rebuilt following a collapse caused by construction adjacent to the CTA right-of-way. 5714 is seen here at Oakton-Skokie station, with "Welcome back" sign in the window, just after its ceremonial duties were completed. (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta5519.jpg (205k)
5000-series car 5519 is the lead of a Howard-bound Yellow Line train crossing Oakton Street on October 30, 2015, the day the line reopened after track and embankment repairs near McCormick Boulevard. A "Welcome back" banner for passengers is strung across the entrance to the Oakton-Skokie station . (Photo by Graham Garfield)
cta5271-5587.jpg (239k)
With all three of the lines using the station now fully equipped with 5000-series cars, Howard station tends to be an all-5000s environment. Here, on the left car 5271 leads a Red Line train that is pulling in at the end of its trip and is going to unload its passengers before heading into the yard to turn around. Meanwhile, car 5587 trails a Loop-bound Purple Line Express train, pausing briefly to board and alight passengers, before it continues on its way downtown on October 30, 2015. (Photo by Graham Garfield)