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cta5303-Cubs01.jpg (261k)
On a brief layover during a charter trip, car 5303 is at one end of the four-car Cubs World Series-wrapped train on the side (layup) track at Midway station on April 23, 2017. (Photo by David Harrison)
cta5303-04_5696-95-Cubs.jpg (206k)
The World Champion Chicago Cubs-wrapped cars -- all four of them, in one train -- wind their way through "Powerhouse Curve" at 40th and Wabash streets, so named for the former location of the South Side Elevated's power-generating station, on their way south on a charter on April 23, 2017 as a Green Line train of 5000-series cars passing on the other direction. (Photo by David Harrison)
cta5303-Cubs02.jpg (304k)
The front end of Cubs World Series-wrapped car 5303 leads a charter train (contrary to what its Green Line destination sign would suggest) at Cermak-McCormick Place station on April 23, 2017. The white cars feature dark blue pinstripes on the end cap, reminiscent of the Cubs' home uniforms. Under the left side window of each car is the team's alternate/secondary logo, commonly referred to as the "Crawling Cub logo"; the team's primary logo (the red "Cubs" with the large "C" inside a blue circle) is at the right end of each car. (Photo by David Harrison)
cta5304_5696-95-Cubs.jpg (217k)
Going around the inner turning loop track in Howard Yard provides a good side view of the Cubs-wrapped cars, and strong impression of how a train of all Cubs cars in a row looks, as cars (l to r) 5304, 5696 and 5695 wind their way through on a charter on April 23, 2017. (Photo by David Harrison)